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Broken Glass Hearts, Part 12

this is for bardou who wanted YooSu angst.

Central: JaeChunSu
Rating: NC-17ish for this section. Just a little bit.
Genre: It's complicated.

THIS IS TOTALLY AU FROM SMM. 100% off SMM. Not in any way related to So Much Mine, Lavender Bunny or anything else. This probably will be some hardcore NC-17 or hell, maybe fluffy. I dunno.

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en (heh), Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven

They walked, silent and somber in the grey morning mist. Their bodies fueled by a few hours of sleep and cold, broth-swollen noodles, the singers left the shop behind before the owners arrived for the day. Leaving behind a thank you note accompanied by a small omiyage Yunho purchased while buying underwear and t-shirts for them to change into, they left the place neat as they could.

The leader returned from his early morning venture to find the blankets folded and Jaejoong worrying a knot out of his sneakers. The singer took the change of clothes with him into the bathroom, showering in the tiny stall quickly, leaving Yunho enough hot water to bath in. A small pack slung over Yunho’s shoulder held their soiled clothes and they’d set up, not speaking of a destination, wandering as they had the night before.

Except Yunho now walked shoulder to shoulder with the young man he’d once called his lover.

The night’s ravages remained on Jaejoong’s face, his tear-kissed eyes enormous and fragile. Yunho fought the urge to gather the young man up in his arms, wanting to soothe away the damage he’d done over the past year but the words he needed to say to make it all better escaped him and he continued to walk besides Jaejoong in silence.

There was no talk of going back to the hotel. Neither one of them wanted to return to the scene of the crime. Their duplicitous manipulation of the other two notwithstanding, the room was a fractious reminder of how far they’d fallen away from one another.

The downpour from last night was replaced with a light drizzle although the storm seemed reluctant to give up its hold on the city. Around them, the streets were sparsely populated with a few rain-defiant shoppers and a corner kiosk made sluggish business selling chicken satay next to a subway entrance. The scent of meat sizzling on the grill perked up Yunho’s appetite and he whispered to Jaejoong to wait for him.

The hoodie-wearing kiosk cook looked up when Yunho approached and her eyes widened, her expression flitting quickly from shock then to concern when she glanced at the man’s companion. Surprise won out and she ducked her head, bowing her shoulders when Yunho greeted her.

Kumo,” She murmured then covered her mouth in horror. “Oh… I did not mean to say that!”

“Hello. It is good to meet you,” Yunho said. It was effortless, the shifting from his personal persona to the leader mask he often wore. As usual, the formality chafed as if his skin were on too tight but he steeled himself against his negative thoughts. I should be happy that I’m remembered and thought of, He scolded himself. Considering everything that has happened, I should be grateful that she knows me.

“It is good to see you, hyung.” Her attempt at Korean courtesy was admirable amid her Japanese and she blushed when Yunho murmured in appreciation. Her nervousness grew and the woman shuffled her feet behind the cart, her dark eyes flicking to Jaejoong’s weary face. “Can I get offer you something to eat?”

Distant and unapproachable, Jaejoong lingered near the subway railing, his fingers combing through his hair. Yunho knew the signs of his exhaustion well and read the man’s need for a cigarette to ease his stress. Bowing quickly to the cook, he asked for four portions, determined to get more food into Jaejoong than the mushy noodles they’d both choked down a few hours ago.

“Here you are,” She handed over two thick packages of skewers and a clear plastic bag of savoury peanut sauce to dip the chicken in.

They tangled their hands together and argued slightly over payment; the girl insisting she would take nothing and Yunho asking her to please let him pay for her dreary morning. The man won out, earning him a smile from the young woman who tsked at the thought of him taking up her time.

“I…” He didn’t know how to ask her to keep quiet of their outing together. The last thing Yunho wanted was a complication with the company but the young woman nodded knowingly, waving off his discomfort.

“No one will hear from me that you two are together,” She whispered. “I am just happy to know that you are still best friends.”

Yunho thanked her for her time and signed the back of a placard she had, scrawling his name in Japanese and English as best he could. Calling Jaejoong over, he held up the marker and pointed to the sheet. “Come here. Sign this, Boo.”

It was so simple to fall into their habits, Yunho thought as Jaejoong lit up, almost as if seeing the woman for the first time. The charmer emerged from the gloom around Jaejoong and he joined Yunho, talking to the young woman as he signed and drew over the sheet. Stepping slightly back, Yunho watched his ex-lover chatter away, lifting the conversation away from the rain and her work to other things that interested her.

“That’s who I fell in love with,” He whispered, feeling his heart tumble over itself again. The sinking stickiness was familiar; nearly as uncomfortable as hearing Junsu regal him with a joke but much more welcome. “God, Jaejoong… the last thing in the world I want is to fall in love with you again. It’s bad enough that I love you. Don’t make me want to live inside of you too.”


Despite having the curtains pulled open, Changmin was still uncertain about the time, more so when he turned over and found the bed next to him empty and cold. The greyness outside troubled him and the city lay in its pitch nothingness, nearly silent but for the clash of a garbage truck making its rounds across the street. Finding his phone only irritated him, the blank screen a reminder of its left-behind charger. The door opening made him scramble for the sheets, covering his naked body with the linens.

“Who were you expecting?” Se7en leered, swinging a couple of plastic bags onto the bed. “Hopefully it was me and that’s why you’re naked.”

“I’m naked because you hid my clothes,” Min grumbled. He grunted when the other man hit him with one of the bags, dumping its contents in Min’s lap.

“Your clothes are right there,” He said, pointing to the top of the dresser. “I picked them off of the floor and folded them. Just for you, Minku… well and for me because I almost broke my neck on your pants when I got out of bed.”

“Good,” Changmin muttered then gasped when Se7en held up a cup carrier with two large cups, steam rising from their vented lids. The smell of coffee enticed him and he salivated. “If you loved me, you’d give me one of those.”

“I love you enough to buy it,” Se7en said, leaning over to kiss Changmin’s parted lips before giving him one of the cups. “You might want to brush your teeth first. You taste like you’ve been having sex all night. It might ruin your coffee.”

The sound of the door slamming behind him felt good. So good that Changmin opened it up and slammed it again, hard enough to rattle the door frame. Standing in the tiny bathroom, he swore and pounded his clenched fist against the wall. The blow shook him, jarring his shoulder and spine.

He felt more than heard Se7en move towards the bathroom and then the touch of the other man’s hand on the other side of the door. It was a comfort seeing the dark slice of shadow absorb what little light was coming under the door. Smiling to himself, Changmin turned on the water and scrubbed the sour film from his teeth.

“There’s no hot water,” Se7en called through the door. “The power is still out. The coffee shop owner’s heating up water on a gas stove.”

Changmin frowned, wiping at the back of his neck with a damp washcloth. He tried ignoring the flat tapping at the door then sighed when the banging grew louder. “What do you want? You’re going to break the door down!”

“Open up.”

“You were the reason I slammed the door shut! Why would I want to open it up again.”

“Because this is getting heavy and I can’t make love to you if I’ve got a hernia from carrying it.” Se7en rapped at the door again. “Now open up.”

“It’s not my fault your ego is too heavy to…” Changmin jerked the door open and stopped mid-insult.

The older man had stripped down to a pair of sweat pants and a wife-beater, his shoulder and arm muscles bulging as he lugged in an old-fashioned steel tub filled with steaming hot water. Duck-walking around Changmin, he carefully tipped the pan over, dumping the water into the bathtub. A quick twist of a faucet and lukewarm water gushed out of the spigot, mellowing the skin-blistering temperature.

“Here. You first. I’ll use the water when you’re done,” Se7en said, setting the tub down to stir the water together. Long red welts marked his forearms and chest where the steel resting against his skin as he’d carried the tub up to their room and Min bit at his lip, troubled at the blotches on Se7en’s body. Turning, he caught Changmin staring. “What?”

“You… didn’t have to…” Min reached for Se7en’s arm, dabbing at the welt with his washcloth. “You carried that up for me?”

“Well yeah,” Se7en said, staring at Changmin with a curious look. “I know how you are about taking a bath in the morning. You hate not feeling clean.”

“So you got hot water from where? The coffee shop man?”

“I paid him for the water,” Se7en informed him with a sniff. “And I have to take the tub back later on or he’ll come looking for me. Or worse. He’ll send his wife. She’s hideous. Short women. I think she’s a troll. She’s got a big wart on her face, right next to her nose and I think I saw it sprout an eye and blink at me when I was haggling for the water.”

He loves you, Min’s gremlin said, sounding awestruck in the echoing confines of Changmin’s head.

“You… love me,” The younger man whispered, his voice breaking as he spoke.

I just said that. Are you stupid? Are we stupid?

“It took me bringing you hot water for you to finally realize that?” Se7en asked, cupping Min’s face and kissing the corner of his mouth. “I should have poured a bathtub worth under your door then instead of buying those damned flowers.”

“You can’t…” Changmin dropped his gaze, unable to stare too long into the other man’s dark eyes. “How are you going to use the water after I’m done with it. It’ll be…”

“It’ll be fine.” He replied, letting his hand drop so Min could step away. “I’ll soap up using the tub water then rinse off with the showerhead.”

“We could…share?” Changmin studied the tub intently as if it held the answers to the universe.

“Baby, that thing is not big enough for you much less the two of us,” Se7en laughed. “Go bathe. I’ll go change the sheets. I got new ones from the housekeeper.”

“Thank you,” He murmured. The whisper stopped Se7en in his tracks and the older man turned at the doorway, cocking his head at his lover.

“What for?”

“For taking care of me,” Min sniffed, biting his lip.

He had his back to the door, unable to trust himself to look at Se7en. Emotion welled in his chest, choking him until he could barely breath. If he saw the tenderness he knew gleamed in Se7en’s dark eyes, Min didn’t think he could hold back the tears already threatening to unman him. His pride wouldn’t stand up if the other man saw him crying like a child at being coddled.

“Taking care of you is one of the pleasures of being in love with you,” Se7en replied, leaning forward to brush his lips on Min’s soft hair. “Go bathe, Minku. I’ll bring your coffee in here so you can drink it while it’s hot.”

The water on his bare skin seared and Min slowly eased into the tub. Se7en was right in his assessment of the tub’s capacity. It was deep enough to come up to his chest but he had to keep his knees slightly bent to fit his length in. Still, the heat crept slowly into his body and he leaned back, resting his head on a rolled up pillow.

“Don’t fall asleep,” Se7en said, coming back into the bathroom and holding out one of the coffee cups. “I don’t want to have to explain to Yunho how I let you drown in a Matsue hotel.”

“I don’t think I could fit down far enough to drown in this.” Taking the cup, he took a sip and sighed at the rush of caffeine hitting his bloodstream. “And as far as talking to Yunho, nothing that happens between us gets shared with him. If I wanted him in my love life, I’d fuck him instead. Understood?”

“Yes, my very bossy Minku,” Se7en laughed. “And thank you.”

“For what?” Min looked over his shoulder, perplexed.

“For offering to fuck me.” The man winked and gave him a lascivious grin. “I’m glad I stopped at the drug store and got some other things besides food.”

“Arrogant bastard,” Changmin growled, reaching for a courtesy bar of soap to chuck at the man’s head. He easily dodge the missile, closing the door before it could hit him. The soap bounced off the door, ricocheting back towards the tub.

Torn between wanting to luxuriate in the hot bath and knowing Se7en would be left with scummy cold water if he didn’t hurry, Changmin worked a healthy lather up and washed quickly, giving himself a few minutes to soak the heat up then rinsing off. The hotel’s towels were rough on his skin and he reluctantly tied one around his waist to open the bathroom door.

Then forgot how to breathe at the sight of a dozen or so candle pillars arranged on the flipped over steel tub. The varying heights puzzled Min until he realized Se7en snapped some of the thick wax columns in two, giving them double the amount of light. He was gouging out the wick on the remaining unlit candle, pulling the string out enough to catch on fire. Se7en looked up to notice Min standing a few feet away and smiled, a pure unaffected smile that left the younger man with no doubt the joy in his face was for Min alone.

“You weren’t supposed to be done yet,” He said sheepishly, wiping off the curls of wax on his shirt. “I wanted this set up first.”

“It’s great,” Changmin murmured. A few steps took him to Se7en’s side and he twisted the man’s shirt in his fingers, pulling Se7en closer. Curving his mouth into a moue, he kissed the older man, savouring the taste of coffee on Se7en’s mouth. Pulling back when he finally needed a air, he said breathlessly, “It’s more than great. You’re more than great.”

“And that inside voice of yours?” Se7en lightly tapped at Min’s temple with his index finger. “What does he think about me?”

“Oh, he was on your side a long time ago,” Changmin admitted, playfully pushing Se7en in the direction of the bathroom. “Go get cleaned up. What do you need me to do out here?”

“There’s food.” Se7en rustled through the bags, separating out the edible items from the rest. “It’s not great but it’s the best they had nearby. No one can cook so people are buying up already cooked things.”

“I’ll figure it out,” Min promised, shooing him off. “Go. Before the water gets too cold.”

After pulling on a clean pair of briefs and his sweatpants, Min unpacked the food stuffs, putting a tray of cold mochi to the side for later. He found a smaller brown paper bag among the plastic and opened it, believing he’d found their utensils. When a box of condoms and a squat bottle of body lubricant fell out, he blushed and punched his fist through the paper bag when he tried to shove them back in.

“Shit!” Min dropped to his knees to grab at the condoms. The bottle rolled merrily under the bed, making Min strain to reach it. He lay his cheek on the carpet and spotted the lube in the shadows.

“That’s how I like to see my lovers. On their knees and waiting for me,” Se7en laughed, avoiding the foot Min kicked out at him.

Straining to reach it, he jumped and smacked his forehead on the bed frame when Se7en slapped his upturned ass. “Ouch! That hurt!”

“What are you doing down there?”

“Looking for...” Min held up the broken paper bag, tossing it onto the bed. Lunging forward, he grabbed at the bottle and came up with it, jumping up onto his feet and triumphant at his victory. “I got it!”

“Yes you do,” Se7en murmured, sliding his hands over Min’s hips. Wearing only a damp towel, Se7en’s stiffening erection pressed into the cleft of Min’s ass when he pushed up against the young man’s back. Kissing a drop of water from Min’s damp shoulder, he asked in a husky, sensual voice, “The question now is; who are you going to use it on? You or me?”


Their Japanese apartment seemed tiny compared to the hotel room they’d just left but to Junsu, it was a warm, welcoming place. A quick look around confirmed Yoochun’s suspicions that the other two had not returned there and the numerous calls they made to Jaejoong’s phone rolled over to voice mail nearly immediately after the first ring. Trying one last time and leaving a message that they’d gone home, Sitting on the edge of his bed, Yoochun tossed his cell onto the night stand. It skidded an inch and came to a stop against one of Jaejoong’s discarded beanies.

“Do you think they’re alright?” Junsu asked, emerging from the bathroom off their bedroom with a towel draped over his head. “Do you think we should go looking for them?”

“Considering how big Tokyo is…no,” Yoochun answered as he pulled off his socks, rolling them into a ball before tossing them at Junsu’s head.

“Hey,” He yelped, batting the object away. “No throwing stinky socks.”

“I don’t have clean ones,” Yoochun said, crooking his finger at the other man. His eyes hooded, darkening with need. “Come here, baby.”

Junsu briefly thought of denying him but the desire in his groin grew and his erection strained against the crotch of his jeans. Walking proved to be a bit of a problem, easily solved by undoing his pants. The scrape of his zipper made his cock jump and twitch and his ass clenched when he thought of Yoochun’s strong, lean hands gripping him.

“Or better yet, strip first.” The man leaned back against the wall, tucking a pillow behind his neck. “God, I love to watch you dance.”

“I … don’t have any music,” Junsu stammered, suddenly embarrassed.

“We’ve got the rain, baby,” Yoochun pointed out. “Ride the storm for me. Show me what you’re going to look like when I’m inside of you.”

The mere mention of Yoochun’s heavy sex piercing his body made Junsu’s mouth water and his eyes closed, savouring the imagined sensations. His lover was right. The sound of the rain was a sensual, raspy backdrop of sound for his hips and he found a rhythm in it, experimentally rolling his hips around then up, curving his body into an S before straightening back out. His jeans were stiff, slightly damp from the rain but he worked them off, pulling down one side of his waistband then the next, curling his hips into a lazy figure eight while he held his arms above his head. Scissoring his wrists together, he danced, listening to the primal rush of water against the building’s roof tiles. A steady drip dominated the sounds, the strong beat quickening then slowing as if it needed to prolong a pleasurable caress.

Mid-hip swivel, Junsu was jerked forward when one of Yoochun’s finger hooked into a belt loops and the man gave one fierce pull. Landing on Yoochun’s lap, Junsu tried to right himself, only to find himself pinned to the mattress by Yoochun’s strong hands clamped over his wrists. Staring up into the man’s desire-flushed face, Junsu gulped, suddenly painfully aware of the dangerous, needful gleam in Yoochun’s eyes and the jut of the man’s sex rubbing alongside his own erection.

“Forget that dance, baby. I’ve got another one for you. Keep your hands there! Don’t move them,” Yoochun growled, furiously stripping Junsu of his jeans. The t-shirt Junsu borrowed from Yunho’s suitcase ripped when Yoochun tugged on its hem and the tenor nearly protested the rough treatment but the look on Yoochun’s face stilled his tongue.

Nothing was going to stop Yoochun from having him. Nothing other than a whispered no from Junsu himself. For a split second, they both held their breaths, instinctively knowing the moment had come for Junsu to protest Yoochun’s possession of him but the tenor sighed, kissing Yoochun’s throat with a murmuring surrender.

“Kim Junsu,’ Yoochun rasped, biting down into Junsu’s shoulder. “Once we do this… once I have you… there’s not going to be anyone else for you. You know that, right?”

“I know.” Junsu’s voice was hoarse with need. “I… want this, Yoochun-ah. I want you. No one else. Before and ever. Just you.

Swallowing, he cried out when Yoochun’s teeth nearly broke through his skin and he lifted his hips, trapped under the other man’s weight. Writhing, their hips ground together and all Junsu could think of was Yoochun’s sex reaching deep inside of him, satisfying the dark need pulsing through his body.

“Mine, then,” Yoochun said, marking Junsu with a roll of his teeth, scoring the man’s skin until it ran purple and dark with his possession. “What do you have to say about that, baby?”

The cut of Yoochun’s teeth in his skin throbbed, falling into time with the ache in his shaft. The world spun, growing dark around them and Junsu said the only thing he could think of saying.

“Please, Chunnie-ah. Please.
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