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Broken Glass Hearts, Part 13 (lemon)

this is for bardou who wanted YooSu angst.

Central: JaeChunSu
Rating: NC-17ish for this section. Just a little bit. Okay... No... It's A LOT.
Genre: It's complicated.

THIS IS TOTALLY AU FROM SMM. 100% off SMM. Not in any way related to So Much Mine, Lavender Bunny or anything else. This probably will be some hardcore NC-17 or hell, maybe fluffy. I dunno.

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en (heh), Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

It’d been too long since he’d taken his time, Se7en thought. Much too long for his liking, he agreed with himself as he ran the pad of his thumb under the jut of Changmin’s lower lip. It looked… succulent, the man decided, tugging lightly on the plump flesh with a pinch of his fingers. It wasn’t too much to ask of himself. Just a little patience to savour the young man spread out under him. Time, patience and probably a lot more will power than he possessed but the wait was worth it.

Especially when he knew it was his kiss was responsible for the darkening of Min’s eyes and the growling displeasure from the man’s chest when he moved slower than Changmin liked.

Se7en could tell little things… intimate things… when he studied Min’s mouth. Slightly chapped, Min still forgot to use lip balm and despite vigorous attempts, failed in breaking himself of his habit of chewing on his lower lip. How could he think he could succeed, Se7en murmured to himself, when it was a very delectable, succulent lower lip.

Their bodies — just fit, Se7en decided. Despite Min’s lankiness and height, the young man easily slid into the hard planes and angles of Se7en’s more muscular form, shadow to light and muscle to sinew. Changmin’s duskier golden tan shone against Se7en’s paler skin, the younger man’s tan lingering from his time in the southern sun. Their hands were similar, long fingered and graceful. Se7en knew the punishing grip those fingers could exact, especially when he teased Min with his full mouth.

His desire breached and Se7en suddenly found himself longing for the sweet-salty taste of Min’s sex on his tongue, its velvet soft head pressed up against the roof of his mouth. Grinning, he trailed his fingers down Min’s belly button and played with the tangle of soft hair he found there, intent on following its lead to the shaft below.

“You are staring at me like I’m a piece of candy,” Min challenged. Tilting his head on the pillows, he pierced Se7en with a stern look. “Stop it.”

“You are a piece of candy. My candy.” Se7en gave in to the temptation and slid around Min’s chest, capturing the other man’s mouth between his lips. His weight pressed Changmin down into the bed, wrinkling the sheets. One of the pillows fell, pushed aside when Min’s arm rose to hug Se7en tighter. Their lips met again, a savage need taking them over and the world slowed to a stop.

All Se7en could hear was Min. Changmin’s heavy breathing captured the spaces between the heartbeats Se7en both heard and felt under his hand as he explored the breadth of Min’s bare chests. A tweak of his fingers against a nipple brought Min to a sharp gasp, his hips raising up to grind against Se7en’s legs. He smiled when Min followed with a needful whimpering when Se7en pinched harder and rolled the nub he’d captured, slanting his mouth over Min’s to swallow the other man’s sounds.

Another pinch and Min’s hands were in Se7en’s hair, twisting hard at the strands to pull the older man closer.

They fought for control, each needing more from the other’s mouth and body. Changmin’s hands roamed, exploring the ridges of muscles along Se7en’s back and the curve of his spine. Stroking the younger man’s mouth with the tip of his tongue, Se7en urged Min to open up for him.

Then he plunged in deep when the young man parted his full lips for Se7en in surrender.

He took his time with that too, taking delicate sips of Min’s mouth and tasting their morning on his tongue. Scented sweet and bitter from the coffee, there was an underlying tang of the young man’s body; nearly citrus but mostly an almost chocolate richness that made Se7en’s sex stiffen with want.

It was beyond need with Changmin, Se7en decided, cupping the young man’s face and covering him with his body. It was a want… a desire; a spark searching for kindling to consume so it could lit the skies up with its flame.

“I’ve never wanted anyone more than I’ve wanted you,” Se7en whispered into Min’s slightly open mouth. He spoke softly, willing his words to find Changmin’s furiously beating heart. “And I don’t think I can ever want anyone else ever again. I don’t think I could ever love anyone like this… like I do you. Never again.”

They’d peeled off their clothes, leaving the food forgotten on the dresser and the light of the candles caught the golden sheen of their bodies. Goosebumps chased one another over Min’s shoulders and down his arms when Se7en’s mouth brushed over his throat then licked down the length of his arm, stopping for a moment to suckle at the tender skin on the inside of Min’s wrist.

He’d leave a mark there, Se7en decided, snipping at the flesh with his teeth. Something small that no one would ever imagine was from Min’s lover. A rich purple line across the wrist where he’d kissed and suckled delightful, primal noises from his long-legged boyfriend.

The sting of Min’s teeth on his shoulder only urged Se7en on, driven to taste and lick at the young man as his lover marbled his skin purple. Shifting, Se7en fit his body against Min’s taller, leaner form, feeling the bones and muscles play against the other’s. The skin grew slick with sweat and Se7en’s sex grew thick with the bitter, bright pain of his arousal. The need for Min tightened his jaw and his hips rolled, moving against the man’s shaft. He’d wanted to delay touching Min’s sex, needing to hear the young man beg for him… plead for Se7en to touch him… promise anything within his power if only Se7en would slide into him and fill the emptiness.

“I’m going to be the one begging, Minku.” Se7en whispered skimming his lips over Min’s arm and back to his chest, breaking the man’s hold on his shoulder. The spot ached, throbbing with an echoing pain that flared when he moved before being forgotten when Se7en found Min’s nipple with his mouth. “You humble me. With you, I can have no pride… just the fucking want of you.”

Min’s hands clenched his shoulders and his hips danced beneath Se7en’s, their cocks rubbing between them. Razor edged pleasures drove up from the tip of Se7en’s sex to his stomach, curling back down to tighten his sac. Changmin slid his legs apart, sliding Se7en in between them until the older man’s belly touched Min’s hard shaft. Instinct drove him, riding the feeling of the man’s body against him until Min felt the rush of his climax hit his face, turning the dim room dark and tight.

“God, Shichi,” Min gasped, clutching at his lover’s back, raking his fingers under Se7en’s shoulder blades. He writhed, trying to satisfy the driving need for his sex to be held tight and stroked. His head grew moist, damp from the seed beginning to leak from his rising orgasm. “I need…”

“I know what you need, my baby,” Se7en murmured, stroking Min’s sex slowly then clamping his fingers around its base, holding off the young man’s release. “Get me the lube, Minku. Let me get you ready for me.”

The click of the bottle’s lid made Min’s stomach clench. With the scent of the oil came the promise of pleasure mingled with the stretch of pain. Se7en leaned forward, taking the bottle from his numb fingers and kissed him, murmuring wordless comforts while he tipped the container over to coat his fingers.

“Lift your knees up, baby,” Se7en whispered, sliding his hand down to rest under Min’s sac. He rubbed at the man’s sex with his other hand, keeping the tension of Min’s desire stoked. The young man responded, letting his legs fall further open to let Se7en kneel between them.

Their eyes met, briefly then coming back to one another, emotions roiling too fast and too hard to be caught with a few words. A tightening glimpse of fear in Min’s face nearly broke Se7en’s heart and he slanted forward, kissing the corner of the younger man’s mouth, his hands stilled with an iron-firm patience.

“We don’t have to do this, Minku…” Se7en said, whispering against Min’s cheek when the younger man sank his teeth into his own bottom lip. “I don’t… need to be inside of you to get pleasure. Just watching you go over the edge is good for me. It’s perfect for me. I want to see your face explode with the joy of this, not fold up underneath me.”

“I don’t…” Changmin whispered, turning his face away and closing his eyes. The warmth of Se7en’s body on his comforted him as the rush of air hitting his entrance sent tingles of trepidation along his softening shaft. He longed to move his hips, to increase the feel of Se7en’s warm grip on him and forget about anything else but the soft voices inside of him whispered doubts and fears. “I don’t want to… hurt. I’m scared of… the pain. Of everything. Of giving you everything that I am and then finding I have nothing left inside of me because you’ve taken it all.”

“That would kill me, Minku. More than a knife you plunged into my chest.” He said, leaving butterfly kisses along Min’s jaw. “I don’t need this to live, baby. I need your love much more.”

“I don’t…” Changmin didn’t want to say what came to his mind. He wanted to fall into the sweet, sultry promise of Se7en’s mouth and feel the man spread him apart, reaching deep inside of him for that spark of pleasure he knew lay deep in him. The trust and faith in Se7en’s eyes stopped him from pushing his fears aside. There was no censure in Se7en’s face and the man’s body lay against his with a relaxed sensuality that made Min’s hands itch to touch him.

“I’m telling you, baby,” Se7en said, his voice soft and warm. He moved his hands, resting on Min’s thighs. “Anything you want to do or not do, I’m fine with.”

“You’d just…” Min shrugged, not trusting himself to let go of Se7en’s shoulders. “You’d not… want…?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want you,” He laughed, kissing the corner of Min’s mouth then the tip of his nose. “I’m telling you I love you more than I need to be inside of you. How you feel is more important to me than what I want. I need your love. Everything else? That’s nothing.”

“Shichi…” Min started to protest.

“Minku, listen to me. If we were two pebbles on a mountain side, I would beg everyone who passed me to pick me up and put me next to you.” Se7en rested his forehead against Min’s, their lashes nearly tangling when one or the other blinked. “I can’t think of anything I’d want more than to breathe in the air you’ve already warmed.”

Changmin let out the breath he’d not known he’d been holding. Se7en’s soft intake stole Min’s heart as the older man took him in, filling his own lungs and body with Min’s exhale. The artlessness of the act — its intimacy — of it sealed Min’s fate as surely as if he’d fallen into a star to join the universe.

Sliding his hands up to Se7en’s face, Min pressed his palms on his lover’s high cheekbones, holding Se7en’s gaze for a long moment. The exchange continued, the air moving through them as the storm outside began again. Changmin wanted to capture that moment between them, engrave it into his memory until it became the touchstone for his soul in the days to come.

“I want you, Dong Wook,” Changmin said, his voice strong and sweet. “I want you in me. I want to be in you. I want to share these things with you. I trust you to take care of me and I want you to teach me how to take care of you too.”

They moved. Finding one another again as the rain fell softly at first then with a furious pounding. Min reached down, touching the hard length of his lover’s shaft and rubbed his cheek on Se7en’s shoulder, anticipating the moment when his lover touched him. Stroking at Min’s belly. Se7en moved his hand down and cradled the head of Min’s sex in his palm. Rolling the glans with a light touch of his fingers, he drew out a shocked gasp from his young lover’s mouth when he tugged at the slit with a push of his thumb.

“It…” Changmin cried out again when Se7en repeated the caress. The slight pain of the pull mingled with the erotic tingling that followed and Min fought with himself, wanting both less and more. When Se7en’s mouth found his nipple, he couldn’t hold back his cries, thrusting his hips up to fill Se7en’s grip with his tight sex.

There was no mistaking his lover for anything other than a man, Min thought in the back recesses of his mind. The calluses on Se7en’s palm were from working in the dirt, helping his grandmother plant her garden. The roughness from moving the earth raked over Min’s sensitive skin. The ridge of his head caught on Se7en’s fingers and Min groaned, working back up the length of Se7en’s hand.

The touch of Se7en’s oil-slickened fingertip at his opening made Min flinch and Se7en pulled back slowly, only returning when Min complained with a warning bite to his lover’s arm.

“Don’t tease,” He muttered, hooking his leg over Se7en’s hip. “You’re making me crazy.”

“Good,” Se7en licked Min’s nipple then craned over to nip at the other. “You’ll be joining me at the madhouse you’ve put me in.”

The anticipation kept Changmin quivering but the touch of Se7en’s probing choked him and he struggled to breathe, forcing himself to relax. The mechanics of what they were going to do — what they should have done a long time ago — were easy enough to understand, Min thought. Enough lubrication and subsequent friction would produce a stimulation of the nerves and increasingly overload the nervous system until his body released its tension. A very clinical process, he assured himself.

There’s more than just nerves and stimulation. His gremlin surfaced. LOOK at his face as he opens you up… as he prepares you for entering you. There’s more than tab A and slot B going on there, stupid. It’s not what he’s doing. It is how he is doing it. THAT is love. THAT is caring. THAT is a lover to hold onto until you die.

Se7en’s tongue circled Min’s shaft then his lips closed over the head as he entered Min’s body, sliding his oiled finger with a careful tilt of his hand. The intrusion felt strange, an oddly erotic pressure that made Min want something more. Se7en reached in deep, brushing on a spot inside of Min’s clenched body and the young man felt his world expand, filling with a brief flash of iced heat that swallowed him whole. Unable to do more than breathe as Se7en pulled slightly back, Min whimpered when Se7en plied him with a not-quite-there stroke.

“Relax, baby,” Se7en murmured, rubbing at Min’s hip. “You’re too tense. Just breathe.”

“Breathe?” Changmin muttered to himself, angry and aroused. “Can’t even…”

Se7en touched him again and lightning filled Min’s senses, leaving him gasping and writhing.

“There, baby,” The older man whispered into Min’s ear. “Is that where you want me to be?”

“Yes,” He gasped, pleading as he clenched the sheets with taut fingers. “Shichi…please.”

“Get up on your knees, honey. It’ll feel better for you…so good that way.” Se7en pulled free of Min’s body, helping the young man turn over. “Turn to the wall so I can watch you in the mirror. I want to watch you… I want to see you feel this.”

The bed creaked as Min shakily lifted up, pressing his hands to the mattress to help steady himself. Innately shy, Changmin ducked his head, acutely aware of how exposed he was to the other man as he shifted about. Se7en’s hands supported him, guiding him to where the older man wanted him and Min caught a glimpse of them in the wide mirror over the dresser, their bodies glistening and turgid.

His knees were apart, wrinkling the sheets and the soft bed. Long and lean, his body stretched out in a golden column as Min let himself be arranged before the mirror. Their height difference added to the image, Min’s lean supplication against Se7en’s broader torso tantalized Min’s senses.

When the older man pressed his fingers into Min’s slickened channel, the young man arched and he bent back, his knees sliding apart to give Se7en access. The older man took it, spreading his hand on Min’s chest to push his lover back until Min’s shoulder blades pressed against his chest.

When Changmin dared to look in the mirror, he was astonished and embarrassed by the exotic creature he saw staring back at him.

The tilt of his chin exposed his throat and the flush on his cheeks chased down his jaw to where Se7en stroked at his throat. His long fingers were thorough, rubbing at erogenous areas that prodded Changmin’s sex to rise. The head of his shaft bumped his belly, leaving a faint wet smear below his belly button. Se7en’s fingers trailed down the length of his abdomen and rubbed at the moist spot and Changmin swallowed hard, thankful for the support of Se7en’s body behind him.

When Se7en lifted his seed-dampened fingers up to his own mouth and licked them clean, Min panted with need and closed his eyes, unable to meet his lover’s gaze any longer.

The older man kissed Changmin’s shoulders lightly at first then increased the pressure, stopping long enough to suckle at certain spots. Biting gently at Min’s collarbone, Se7en once again plied Min’s body with oil, spreading him apart. Changmin responded without thinking, letting his body ride the sensations Se7en evoked. No longer able to support himself on his knees, Min fell back fully on his lover, jutting his hips up and splaying his legs. He felt breached and on display for his lover’s hungry gaze and when Min dared to open his eyes to glimpse at the mirror in front of him, he saw how wantonly open and ready he was for Se7en’s sex.

He writhed and ground down on Se7en’s intrusion, clenching at the two fingers buried deep inside of him. Se7en moved his wrist and twisted, sending stars into Min’s mind and the younger man bit down on his lip, trying not to cry out. A brush of Se7en’s lips on his throat and another delve into his body startled Changmin into a wordless begging moan. He pushed down, forcing Se7en in as deep as he could reach — anything to bring his release to fruition.

“Are you ready for me, baby?” Se7en whispered. “Do you want me inside of you?”

“Yes,” Changmin gasped, raising one arm to hook his hand around the back of Se7en’s head. The older man’s fingers slide free of Min’s channel and he hissed, hating the feeling of emptiness Se7en left behind. “I need… God I need so much.”

The crinkle of foil and then a pungent stain of latex in the air brought a blush to Min’s already hot cheeks. The slurp of more oil being poured and then the gentle tap of Se7en’s sex at his entrance brought Changmin to the realization that the man behind him — the one who cradled and teased him — would soon be his lover.

“Open your eyes for me, Minku,” Se7en urged. “Look at us. Watch us. See how good you look when I’m inside of you. See how good you make me feel.”

The initial push was hard to absorb, more from Min forgetting to relax. Gripping Se7en’s hair and holding him tightly against his back, Changmin urged the other man as he pushed out, “ Now, Shichi. I need you inside of me. Now.”

Se7en slid in, waiting for the young man to adjust to the push of the thick glans into him. Panting, Mind dropped his chin to his chest, steadying his breathing before nodding for Se7en to continue.

“You tell me when to stop.” Se7en canted his hips, sliding another few millimeters into his lover’s heat. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I will hurt you if you don’t continue.” His eyes glittered dangerously. Tilting back, he slid Se7en in further, nearly burying his lover in all the way. Changmin moaned and Se7en rested his temple on the man’s shoulder, stroking at Min’s belly as he fought not to plunge in deeper.

“You unman me, Minku.”

“You make me a man, Shichi,” Changmin replied, spreading his legs apart and bending forward, digging his ass into Se7en’s groin. He smiled at the groans spilling from Se7en’s parted lips and he grew heady with the power he had over the older man.

Min jerked up when Se7en’s shaft hit the sweet spot in his body on the first thrust and then fell over into the longing spread under his skin as the assault continued. They broke apart then rejoined, the slap-slap of their sweaty bodies drowning out the storm.

“Touch yourself, baby,” Se7en ordered. “I want to watch you come in your hand.”

Changmin reached down and gripped his sex, sliding his palm up the shaft to roll over his painfully tight head. The vein along the underside of his sex throbbed and jumped, moving his cock about. Focusing on the thrust of flesh burrowing deep inside of him, Min fell into a steady rhythm, matching his strokes to Se7en’s movements. The push of Se7en’s cock into his heat was almost too much to take, especially when the man found the pinpoint of pleasure with each subsequent thrust.

The strikes to his core spiraled out threads of pleasure to wrap around his senses and Min fell back, unable to hold himself up any more. Se7en’s arms came up, catching him before he toppled over. Using only his hips, Se7en pounded into his young lover, keeping Min in a tight embrace. When the younger man’s eyes fluttered and he tilted his head back in surrender, laying on Se7en’s shoulder, the older man knew Min was close. The sight of Changmin’s open mouth and tilted pretty face brought Se7en’s sac tight up into his body and the rush of hot seed gathering at the base of his shaft warned Se7en he wasn’t that far behind his lover.

Increasing the length of his thrusts, he stalled and angled, hitting the spot to release Min from the torture of his orgasm. Changmin clenched around him, trapping Se7en neatly inside of him then the universe swallowed them whole as their climaxes ripped through their joined bodies.

Changmin screamed, clutching Se7en’s thigh with one hand as he stroked himself off. The splatter of his seed hit them both, spraying over Min’s chest and Se7en’s arms. The rush of heat hitting their skin triggered Se7en and he released, plunging hard and fast into Min’s channel. His next thrust filled the latex with his hot spill and Min moaned at the feel of heat in his core. Panting, they kept their hips rolling, slowly bringing themselves down from the peak of their sex until Se7en finally lay Min down on the bed, their bodies still joined and tingling from their release.

Catching his breath, Se7en began to slide away from Min when the younger man reached behind him and lay a weary hand on the man’s leg.

“Stay,” Min whispered. “Please, just for a moment. I’m…not ready to lose you yet. Not yet.”

Se7en cradled the younger man close to his chest for a minute before easing carefully out. Disposing of the latex and hastily washing himself with the faucet’s too-cold water, he wet a washcloth and wrung it out before tucking it under his arm to warm up. Rejoining Min on the bed, he gently coaxed the young man to lean over so he could clean him.

“I…can do that,” Changmin murmured sleepily. Bracing for the shock of cold he knew was coming, the touch of the body-warmed cloth surprised him. “Is the power back? Do we have hot water again? It’s warm.”

“No, still now power. I held it against me until the cold was gone,” Se7en said, bathing his lover slowly. Folding the cloth, he lay it to rest on the nightstand then cuddled up against Min’s lax body. Liquidly graceful, the young man rolled over onto his side to face Se7en, slinging one long leg over the man’s hip.

“Thank you,” Min whispered, breathing a kiss into Se7en’s mouth.

“Not a problem,” Se7en grinned back. “Although my armpit feels like someplace a penguin would live in right now.”

“No,” Min corrected, tracing Se7en’s full mouth with his fingertips. “Thank you for loving me. For making love to me. For showing me how good it can be. For showing me how to trust. I…needed you to show me those things, even when I was pushing you away, you knew I needed you… needed this. You make me feel…whole, Shichi. No one else has ever loved me. Not like this. Not ever.”

“No one else will ever love you like I do, Minku,” Se7en said, gently brushing his mouth against Min’s open palm. “I couldn’t love anyone like I love you because there is no one else like you — no one else as beautifully complex and stubborn as my Changmin. You’re the world where my heart lives, baby. I can’t breathe without you around me. I don’t want to breathe without you around me.”

“Love you, Shichi,” Changmin whispered as he placed his hand over Se7en’s mouth. “No, don’t say it. I don’t want to hear you say it just yet.”

The singer encircled Min’s wrists with his strong fingers and gently pulled the man’s hand away. “Why? Do you think I don’t love you? Do you think I’m just saying it because you’ve said it?”

“No,” Min said, shaking his head. “I know you love me. I just don’t think my heart could take it if you said it out loud. I don’t think I can fall in love with you any deeper than right now, Shichi. If you tell me that you loved me…I wouldn’t be able to go on living, knowing I couldn’t live my life in this one moment. This singular one perfect moment where the world is just us.”

“I love you, Minku. And if it kills you to hear it… in this now, then we can die here together because I can’t live without you.” Brushing away the damp hair from Min’s temple, Se7en slid a brief kiss over the younger man’s bite-bruised lower lip then whispered, “You are my breath, my heartbeat, the fire of my soul and I’d rather die here with you near me than live forever in the cold world without you.”
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