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Broken Glass Hearts, Part Eighteen. FINAL CHAPTER

this is for bardou who wanted YooSu angst.


Central: JaeChunSu
Rating: This Section is R
Genre: It's complicated. THIS IS TOTALLY AU FROM SMM. 100% off SMM. Not in any way related to So Much Mine, Lavender Bunny or anything else.

Thank you all who have read this. Many snookies and hugs for everyone. Thank you for reading along the angst. It was a bit angst. Ah, so hard to do the full emo! But I appreciate you all here and thank you again. Smooches. SMOOOCHES!

Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Se7en (heh), Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Se7enteen

Yoochun smiled when he saw Yunho walk into their Japanese apartment. Carrying an armload of packages, the young man looked around for someplace to drop them and spotted Yoochun grinning at him over the kitchen counter.

“What?” Yunho slung the bags onto the counter separating the kitchen from the living area. An onion fell out, skittering over the marble only to be caught by Yoochun.

“Are you cooking?”

“No, Jaejoong is.” Yunho righted the fallen bag.

“Does he know that?”

“He should,” The older man dug a piece of umeboshi out of a package and popped the salty treat into his mouth. “He’s the one who picked out the groceries. I just carried the bags.”

“Some things never change.” Yoochun grabbed the groceries and began to put things away, barely glancing up when Jaejoong walked past them, heading to the back of the apartment. “Is he okay?”

Yunho shrugged and sucked on the candy.

“Are you okay? Both of you?” Yoochun asked, straightening up to stare Yunho down. “Do I have to kill you?”

“That would be more threatening if you weren’t wearing a pink t-shirt with Hello Kitty on it.” Yunho pointed to the offending garment, wiggling his finger at the man. “Or maybe work at getting some arm muscles. You’re scrawnier than my sister.”

The door to the apartment slammed open, rattling against the wall. A shadow stalked past them, long-legged and resolute. Changmin glanced around him as he walked, his eyes briefly touching on the faces around him before continuing down the hallway. Yunho watched their youngest go by, turning his attention back to Yoochun only when Min rounded the L and disappeared from sight.

“Huh.” Yoochun grunted, craning his neck. “He didn’t even ask why you were here.”

“He sees me all the time,” Yunho said, shrugging. “Probably doesn’t even realize I shouldn’t be. You know how he is.”

“Distracted.” Se7en stood at the end of the foyer, slipping off his shoes. “Focused on one thing and everything else can go to hell.”

“And where there is shit,” Yoochun intoned, “The smell is soon to follow.”

“Did you just call Changmin shit?” The leader’s hackles rose and he squared his shoulders, cocking his eyebrow.

“If you were going to call anyone a little shit, wouldn’t it be him?” Yoochun asked. Yunho considered it, then nodded, making Se7en laugh. “What are you doing here, Dong-Wook? And why did you bring Min with you?”

Yunho popped another piece of umeboshi in his mouth, tucking it into his cheek with his tongue. “Why is Min here? I thought we agreed you’d stall him.”

“I stalled him as long as I could. There was a goddamn hurricane and that couldn’t stall him. You expected me to?” Se7en rustled through the groceries, looking for something to snack on. Finding an apple, he bit into the fruit, sucking at the juices running over his thumb. “He found someone with a courier jet who likes your music. A few bars of some song and we had seats over to Tokyo.”

“Did he know you stalled him?” Yunho frowned, trying to remember if the apple was something Jaejoong needed to cook with.

“No, we had a blackout. I… um... used it to my advantage.”

“I don’t want to hear things like that,” Yunho said, shaking his head at Yoochun as the man leaned over the counter. “You don’t either.”

“No, I kind of do,” Yoochun disagreed. “Besides, you’re not the boss of me anymore, remember?”

The sting hung between them, the young man’s words driving nettles into Yunho’s pride. He tilted his chin up, debating what to say when Se7en stepped in.

“Hey, does that matter anymore?” He asked, hooking an arm over Yunho’s shoulders. “We’re all here. And everyone’s okay. Isn’t that all that matters?”

Yoochun and Yunho looked at one another then replied in unison, “No.”

“Don’t bother,” Junsu said, coming into the main room. “Nothing binds those two together like an argument. Although usually it’s over Jaejoong.”

“Everything is over Jaejoong,” Se7en shrugged. “I’m not even a part of this incestuous orgy you have going on between the five of you and I know that.”

“Remind me to yank out your tongue,” Yunho pointed to Se7en. Lightly pushing Junsu towards the living room, he flopped onto the couch and put his feet up on a low table. Looking around, he tsked at the pile of gaming equipment near the television console and was about to reach for a phone lying near him when Yoochun stopped him, grabbing it first.

“Are you still mad about what’s between me and Jaejoong?” Yunho looked up, his face unreadable and placid. “That’s his phone…or one of them, anyway. Any reason I shouldn’t be looking at it? Naked pictures? Bad karaoke videos?”

“It’s my phone,” Yoochun said, dangling the phone in front of Yunho’s face. “He gave it to me. And yes, I do have naked pictures on it. Mostly of your mother.”

Se7en caught Yunho before the man could make it over the coffee table, hooking one arm around the man’s stomach. Junsu grabbed his lover, yanking him back before he could get hit, the singer’s mouth gaping open at Yoochun’s brazenness. Footsteps pounded down the hallway and Jaejoong emerged, followed closely by Changmin. Crossing the room quickly, Jae shot Se7en a curious look before shoving at Yunho’s shoulder.

“Stop it.” Jae cocked his head at his best friend as Yoochun opened his mouth. “You too. Both of you stop it.”

Yunho gritted his teeth, wanting to point out Yoochun’s initial volley but shut his mouth and sat back down. Taking a deep breath, he hooked his feet back up onto the table and glared at the baritone standing across the room.

“So you all knew they didn’t fuck each other?” Min broke the tension with a hammer strike of anger. “And no one thought to tell me?”

“Well, not all of us knew everything,” Junsu admitted, guiding Yoochun to the couch set across of Yunho and sitting before pulling his lover down with him. “We all figured it out.”

“Why?” Min paced, circling around Jaejoong and nearly slamming into Se7en straddling the arm of the couch. “Why all of this? Why the hell did you put us through this?”

“Because we couldn’t let each other go,” Yunho said softly and the room stilled.

Everything around them was familiar. The scents and the sounds of their bodies from the slight rasp of Junsu’s breathing to the whistling tone of Min’s exhale as he stared up at the ceiling to come to grips with what was being laid out in front of him.

“We… answer to different things,” Jaejoong continued for his lover. “All of us are different… we can’t all follow each other’s paths. Not now.”

“Then when?” Min asked, his eyes bright and angry. “How could you leave?”

“How could you stay?” Yoochun countered, biting his lip to avoid being the first one to shed a tear. “You chose the company over us.”

“You chose each other over us,” Yunho replied.

Se7en shifted, uncomfortable as the room grew dank with unspoken words. “Maybe I should just…”

“Stay,” Jaejoong said. “No more misunderstandings between all of us. And no more heartbreak.”

“I can’t stand on stage without you,” Changmin growled, tension filling his long body. “How the hell am I supposed to do that? How the hell am I supposed to be good enough?”

“Because you were good enough before you were a part of us.” Yoochun stroked at Junsu’s back, calming the man. “You were chosen because you are good enough. You just don’t give yourself the credit you deserve.”

“They say you three carried us,” Yunho said, quiet and forceful. He met Jaejoong’s eyes, cutting the man off before he could protest. “No use arguing over it. It’s what everyone says. The voices have left Dong Bang Shin Ki. How are they going to go on with just those two?”

“Then they are assholes and don’t know you… don’t know Min,” Jae spat, drawing himself up. “We may have argued over why either of us should stay or go but there’s one thing I am not hearing from any of you; that each of us deserve to be considered the best.”

“You think that there should be two groups,” Se7en mused. “Fuck… Jaejoong…”

“I do.” Jae nodded. “For now. Even as we work out our contracts and deal with… fidelities, we are. And we should be. We need to show everyone who says we are failures without the company that we can shine without them. Just like Yunho and Changmin need to show everyone why they stood up with us to begin with; because they’d earned that right. Because they are good enough to stand on their own.”

“And when we become five again?” Yoochun nodded to Yunho. “We come back as equals. Together. No one can take that from us.”

“No one would dare try.” Junsu leaned forward, reaching for Yunho’s hand and gripping it tightly.

“For now, we wait then?” Min asked, rounding the table to grab an ottoman to sit on. Se7en moved in closer, resting his hands on his lover’s shoulders.

“Don’t wait,” Jae said. “Succeed. And when we are five, no one will able to stop us.”

“Shit,” Se7en chuckled, drawing all five pairs of eyes to him. “The world barely survived the five of you the first time. God help it the second time you hit it.”

“There are no Gods but us, right?” Yoochun teased, nudging Junsu. “Rising from the East.”

“Yes, none but us,” Yunho said, standing slowly. He went about the room, giving the others a brief hug before stopping in front of Jaejoong. Wrapping his arms around the man’s slender waist, he drew Jae close. “I’ll stand with you, Boo. Always to your left. Even if it might seem I’m not there, I will be. Okay?”

“Okay,” Jae ducked his head, shy in front of the others watching them closely. “We’re still five then? No matter what?”

“Two plus three,” Yunho whispered, touching his lover’s forehead with his own. He bend his head, intent on stealing a kiss before deciding the kiss was his anyway. With the taste of his lover in his mouth, he stared into Jae’s eyes, inhaling Jaejoong’s next breath and holding in its sweetness. “No matter how they try to divide us, two plus three is five and we will always be…five. Always.”
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