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Les Beaux Hommes En Amour (Part 2)

Les Beaux Hommes En Amour
Pairing: HoMin
Overall Rating: NC-17 (probably)
NOT SMM Universe / Length: Maybe a two-shot. Three at the most
Prompted by: thepuppeteer

Part One

Summary: A younger man in love and hopes for more. An older man who dares not hope for love but finds it anyway.

Club Noise Basement.

Changmin heard stories about the dance club but the whispers and the rumours did little to prepare him for the onslaught of sound and lights slamming into him once he passed through its heavy steel doors. The smell of warm skin dominated but there were subtle perfumes in the air; most notably the lingering scent of arousal underneath the splashes of cologne and alcohol.

A heavy lidded woman took his jacket, leaning over to tuck a claim ticket into the pocket of Min’s jeans. Her fingers lingered, pushed down deep into the pocket and she rubbed at his hip beneath the fabric, pursing her mouth thoughtfully at him when he pulled away.

Raking her gaze over Min’s long body, she purred, “Do you want some company, hyung?”

The dim lights shadowed her pretty face but Changmin could see well enough to know the honorific was false. He shook his head and stepped back to let Yunho drop off his coat. The woman reached forward to tuck a ticket into Yunho’s pocket but the man pinched the ticket out of her fingers.

Yunho drew up closer to Min, their chests brushing and he leaned in, bringing his lips closer to the younger man’s. His fingers dipped into Min’s pocket, long and probing into the tight space. Sliding the ticket down next to Min’s, Yunho scraped his fingernails against the pocket fabric, scoring a furrow into the sensitive skin beneath. His knuckles brushed against Min’s stomach, ruffling at the hair dusting the skin below his navel.

Breath hot with the spice of the chai tea he’d drank earlier, Yunho whispered into Min’s ear, “Hold this for me, baby.”

For a second, Changmin thought Yunho was going to kiss him. The club noise faded into the background and when Min inhaled sharply, he caught a whiff of cloves and the musky scent Yunho liked to wear. Around them, people rushed back and forth but their corner of the foyer seemed an island of muted lights and the pound-pound beat of bass coming from the enormous club beyond. A whisper-breadth separated them and Changmin longed to touch Yunho’s trace the scar beneath his eye with the tip of his tongue… or to daub at the beauty spot above the man’s lip.

Yunho’s tongue slowly licked his upper lip and he exhaled, disturbing the air between them to ghost a butterfly wind over Min’s mouth. Min took a breath, catching the heat of Yunho’s exhale to hold it in. The older man’s eyes were dark and fixed on Changmin’s, holding the younger man in place as Yunho’s fingers made slow, deep circles in Changmin’s pocket.

“Do you know what you’re doing here, Changmin?” Yunho titled his head and his eyebrows furrowed, thoughtfully peering into Min’s wide, awe-struck eyes. “Do you know what you’re playing with here?”

“Fire,” Min whispered, his voice barely audible through the rush of sound in the dim foyer. “I’m… willing to risk being burned… being consumed by it… but only if it’s you.”

“That’s what I thought,” The older man replied, rubbing the back of his hand along the exposed skin at Min’s waistband before drawing away. “Come on, let’s see how well you dance without someone teaching you the moves first.”


The song was unfamiliar but there was no mistaking the erotic bump of its bass line. Around him, bodies moved together in an undulating wave, a seamless and almost forbidden dance that nearly shocked Changmin senseless. Without Jaejoong’s leather jacket, he felt exposed and vulnerable, especially when unseen hands ran up and down his stomach and back. One lingered near his belt buckle and he gasped when fingers encroached further down, cupping him before slipping away.

He’d lost Yunho for a few seconds after entering the messy, loud club only to spot the older man a few feet away, deeply engrossed in a conversation with two other men. Needing to anchor himself to the rock-steady influence of his leader, Min took two steps towards Yunho then stopped himself.

Seduce. Don’t be led. Step out into the spotlight. Be bold. Be daring. Become something Yunho wants. Min heard Jaejoong’s advice echo in his head. Giving Yunho one final, desperate glance, Changmin turned and pushed through the crowd towards the bar.

The bartender glanced at him, looking away only to return to stare at the lanky singer standing at the end of the bar. Frowning slightly, the man jerked his chin up in greeting and asked, “You old enough to drink?”

“I got in, didn’t I?” Min cocked an eyebrow. “Just some soju. Warm and with some lemon.”

The music shifted, slowing the beat down to a darker throb. From where he was standing, Min could see Yunho scanning the crowd, obviously looking for his misplaced lamb. Cupping the warm double-shot glass, Changmin tossed the soju down, gulping at the rush of fire searing down his throat and into his belly. The alcohol hit his gut first then stung his groin, numbing the tremble of nerves paralyzing him. Setting down the glass, Min pursed his lips and exhaled.

And stepped out onto the dance floor to catch the beat with his body.

With the soju in his blood and the thought of Yunho’s hands roaming over his skin, Changmin threw himself into the driving throb flowing from the club’s speakers. The music ran through him, hot and wet sounds with emotionally charged lyrics urging him to delve down deep and open himself up to another. Closing his eyes, Min lifted his chin and rode the musical line, letting his body skim over the beat. His hips rolled, familiar motions ingrained in his body’s memories after years of dancing. Without the constrictions of choreography, his movements were more primal, darker animalistic movements to arouse and entice his unseen maybe-lover somewhere in the crowd.

The song carried through the club, wavering and echoing from massive speakers as different tracks fought for dominance. One beat flowed into the next, picking up between the spaces and Min shimmied into the gaps, bumping his shoulders forward as he skipped his hips into slow circles.

A woman joined him, unseen behind his closed eyes but her fragrance was sweet, tickling his nose before he felt the heat of her body against his. Her fingernails lightly raked his shoulder, trailing down his arm before resting on his hip. He opened his eyes, caught more in the beat than the desire to see her. Her warmth wasn’t unwelcome but the sticky heat of their bodies lacked the fire he longed for… the raging flame that caught Min when his eyes caught Yunho watching him from a few feet away.

Refusing to drop his eyes, he matched Yunho’s predatory gaze with his own, daring the other man to step forward and claim what was his. Undulating his body, Min matched the woman’s sensual curls, raising his arms up to lightly encircle her torso. She slid around to press her back against his torso, her long black hair brushing his crotch as she straddled his thigh.

Leaning forward, Min ran his palms over her bare thighs, stopping short of touching the hem of her mini-skirt. The flick of lace over his palms excited him and he ground his hips up, led into the woman’s rhythm. The club’s lights ran over them, wrapping their entangled bodies in gold and red. Bursts of white flashed, marbling his shoulders and shadowing the long line of his muscular body.

Yunho stepped closer, circling around the younger man and Min followed his movements with hooded eyes. A flick of his tongue along his lip and Min knew he’d piqued Yunho’s arousal as the man’s gaze narrowed. A few strides through the crowded dance floor brought Yunho to Min’s side and the older man reached out, clasping the woman’s arm to pull her from Min’s body.

“Mine,” He spat, nearly throwing her to the side with a twist of his arm. “Go find someone else’s bait to play with.”

The intense heat of Yunho’s body hit Min when the older man sidled up against him. Touching Min’s shoulders with his own, Yunho pushed forward, easing Changmin back. The young singer took a step back then another before returning the gentle shove with his other shoulder, resisting Yunho’s movements.

Yunho’s hands moved to Changmin’s hips and Min panted when the older man ground into him, rubbing their sexes together. Despite the denim between them, Min felt the entire length of Yunho’s arousal on him and his own head ached and tightened when Yunho touched and pulled away with the beat. The man’s fingers caressed his lower back and played with the skin along his waistband, daringly fooling around with the rivet button under Min’s belt buckle.

The snap of the button being released from its hole shocked Min and he blinked, too astonished at Yunho’s bravado to do more than put up a whimpering protest when the older man ducked them into a dark corner of the club. Wider shouldered and dominant, Yunho pressed Min against a column, making quick work of the buckle on his belt before spreading apart the top of his partially open fly.

The air hitting Min’s lower belly was warm but he still shivered when Yunho’s nails raked down the fine hair line under his navel. He felt the snick of his zipper tab being locked down, holding the teeth in place, effectively trapping his growing erection under the tight press of his jeans. Yunho’s hands continued to explore, roaming under Min’s shirt until the older man caught up the hem and hooked the front of the tank behind Min’s neck, exposing his chest.

“Still like playing with fire, dongsaeng?” Yunho dipped his fingers past the flap of Min’s jeans, tugging lightly at the elastic of his briefs. The older man’s whisper swept goosebumps down Min’s chest, pricking his nipples into points. The nubs ached then pearled tight as Yunho’s hand left Min’s waistband to cover the younger man’s plum areoles. The calluses on Yunho’s hands were rough on Min’s tender nubs and he hissed when Yunho’s thumbnail caught on the edge of his nipple. Smiling, Yunho bent close, his teeth nearly nipping at Min’s ear.

“Do you want me to kiss and make it better, baby?”

The silver bracelet on Min’s wrist jangled when he grabbed Yunho’s shirt, trying to steady himself. Lowering his mouth to Changmin’s chest, Yunho flicked his tongue over the nub, teasing it before engulfing the tightened areole. He sucked and the action went straight to Min’s cock, nearly driving the younger man to his knees. With a fist full of Yunho’s shirt and the other grasping at the smooth column, Changmin writhed and moaned as Yunho’s mouth suckled him, pulling at the nipple with his lips.

A shift of Yunho’s legs and Min found himself straddling the older man’s thigh, much like the woman had him. Where the woman’s presence left him untouched, Yunho’s leg on his crotch undid him and despite the pound of the music around them, Changmin heard himself give a loud moan.

Yunho’s teeth closed over one nipple, crossing back and forth between pleasure and pain. Pressing the nub up against the back of his teeth with his tongue, Yunho toyed with his captured prize, running the sharp edge of his front teeth on the tender flesh. The fingers of his other hand pinched Min’s other nipple before he moved lower, cupping Min’s shaft and balls in his palm. Releasing Changmin’s tortured nub, Yunho blew on the glistening point and making Min shudder from the sensation.

“Who put you up to this, Changmin?” Yunho held Min’s chin, staring intently at the younger man. “Who?”

“No one,” Min whispered then repeated it louder so Yunho could hear him. “No one! I want this. Me.”

They were out the side door before Min could take another breath. The music followed them outside, sparks of high notes and deep bass beats. Yunho’s fingers tightened over Min’s upper arm and the older man dragged Changmin behind him, unmindful of the alley’s uneven pavement. A cat screamed at them as they passed, its triangular head poking out from between a balcony’s slats but Yunho continued on until he reached his low-slung sports car. Thumbing the alarm off, he pushed Min up against the side of the vehicle, trapping the younger man between his outstretched arms.

“Tell me the truth, dongsaeng.” The street lamp behind them threw shadows over Yunho, drowning most of his features in black. A shift of his head revealed his eyes, glittering dangerously as he studied Changmin’s face. A hitch of his voice and then a crack in the menace, softening the man’s tone to silk. “Please, Changmin. Just tell me the truth. Who told you to do this to me?”

“No one,” Changmin whispered. He gave in to the urge to touch Yunho, skimming his fingers over the man’s mouth then tracing his jaw line up until he reached the scalloped scar under Yunho’s eye. The older man shuddered at the touch, dropping his head so Changmin couldn’t see his face. “I wanted this. I wanted to see… I needed to see if you could feel anything for me. If you wanted me in any way.”

“Want you?” Yunho glanced up and Min caught himself from crying out as he saw a tear run down Yunho’s cheek. “I’ve wanted you like this for the longest time. I’ve tried to be… so careful…because you were so young. I had to… not let on how I felt and then tonight… you… when you touched me, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I couldn’t not want you any longer.”

“Then have me, Yunho-ah,” Min said, cupping Yunho’s face to draw it up to the light. He stared into the older man’s eyes, savouring each moment he shared a breath with the man he wanted as his lover… his first lover… his only lover. “Please have me, hyung, because I am yours.”
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