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Les Beaux Hommes En Amour Part 3 (LEMON)


Les Beaux Hommes En Amour
Pairing: HoMin
Overall Rating: NC-17 (probably)
NOT SMM Universe / Length: Maybe a two-shot. Three at the most
Prompted by: thepuppeteer

Part One, Part Two

Summary: A younger man in love and hopes for more. An older man who dares not hope for love but finds it anyway.

A kiss.

He’d kissed before. Been kissed before. Small delicate pecks on the cheek from his female relatives. A slip of a tongue against his mouth during an award show from a nuna who also groped his ass as she walked by. There was a chance lips to lips kiss with a dancer in Japan that left Changmin shaking and weak in the knees.

Yunho’s mouth on his buried all of those memories under a rush of hot liquid gold.

It felt like the sun poured itself into Changmin’s mouth — warm, bright and nearly too intense to absorb fully. When Yunho told him he was playing with fire, he’d not fully understood the dangers…the risks he was taking in allowing the older man to touch him.

But he’d not been lying when he said he was ready to be consumed by the fire he was toying with and Changmin sighed, surrendering to Yunho’s erotic explorations.

Their tongues touched, retreating only to find one another again. Yunho felt like rough silk against Min’s tongue and he moaned when the older man pulled away. Panting heavily, the leader rested his forehead against Min’s, his strong hands cradling his soon-to-be lover’s face. The heat from the dance club appeared to have followed them and Changmin struggled with the constriction of clothing around his body.

“We can’t do this here,” Yunho whispered, stroking at Min’s cheek. “We need to.. find someplace.”

“Home?” Changmin mumbled. “No, the others…”

“Will probably want to join in.” The older man’s growl rose, frustration setting in. “Except for Junsu. He’d wonder why we’re dancing naked on the bed. And then want to join in.”

“Where then?” Changmin’s stomach clenched. The reality of what he was doing sank in. He stumbled back, pulling from Yunho’s hands. “God, are we…really?”

“This is a mistake… I should…” Yunho’s face shuttered, closing down but not before Min saw the intense pain he’d caused. “I should take you home. We can forget... we can say this never happened.”

It was a moment Changmin knew would change his life. A step back and life would continue on as he knew it while a step forward and his fate would be sealed. There would be fear and living in shadows, stolen kisses and the need to hide who he loved. It would be the careful balance of admiration without daring to show how intensely he loved the man before him. He would be a pace behind or ahead; never standing side by side with hands clasped as other lovers did. His life would be led in a fierce tango, his heart held one foot away, never touching while others’ eyes were on them.

Changmin took one step forward.

“If you leave me… if you never touch me again, I will die.” He stretched his arms and hooked his fingers into Yunho’s waistband, pulling the resisting older man to him with a fierce tug. Their bodies met, hard and hot despite the chill rising in the air.

Cocking his head, Changmin stared into the other man’s eyes, earnest and open as he spoke. “I can’t live any more with you so far away from my heart. We touch on stage or when we’re working and I die a little bit inside when you pull away. If you walk away from me… now… here, you’re going to have to walk away forever because I can’t do it… I won’t do it for you. I’d rather live my life being cold in your shadow than never see the sunshine of your smile.”

“Changmin, you don’t know what you’re saying…”

“I do,” Min corrected him. “You don’t know what you’re willing to walk away from.”

“I do.” He exhaled, tossing his head back to stare at the cloudy night sky. “I don’t want to… walk away from… this. From you.”

“Then,” Min said, taking Yunho’s hand. “Let’s walk forward together.”


The hotel was known for its discretion as well as its luxury. Within a few minutes of their arrival, Yunho was sliding a key through a lock and opening the door to the beginning of Min’s fantasy. Once inside, Changmin’s nerves began to eat away at his resolve and he shivered, wrapping his arms around his torso to calm himself.

“I left Jaejoong’s jacket at the club,” Min said suddenly. “He’s going to kill me.”

“It’ll be there. They’re good about ticket claims. I’ve left my phone there once and they returned it.” Yunho said, turning down the lights in the living space until only the lamp near the wide bed remained on.

“They’ve got your jacket too.”

“That one’s also Jaejoong’s,” Yunho snorted. “I’ll have to go back and get it too. It’s the least I can do.”

“Least?” Min allowed himself to be pulled in Yunho’s embrace. The tank top he’d rearranged before leaving the alley was soon off his slender body and tossed to the floor. Yunho’s shirt joined it, followed by the older man’s belt and shoes.

“The least,” Yunho agreed. “The only person I ever told how I feel about you was Jaejoong. I’m pretty sure he had a hand in this.”

“He saw me…watching you in the studio today and…guessed how I felt about you,” He admitted shyly. Yunho’s hands were on his belt buckle and Min swallowed hard, unsure on how to proceed. His belt loosened by Yunho’s elegant fingers made Min stiffen and look up, a serious expression on his face. “Are we… do you want this?”

“I’ve never wanted anything more in my life,” Yunho said, softly kissing Min’s wide mouth. “I’d give up every sparkle of fame I’ve ever earned just for a day spent kissing you.”

They’d seen one another naked before, long stretches of seconds where Changmin would watch Yunho from behind his partially closed lashes. Yunho was more discreet but none the less observant. He’d stolen glimpses of the lanky young man’s nudity when he could, hiding his interest in case the others spotted him looking.

Standing in the small ring of light from a nightstand lamp, Changmin felt more on display than he had any stage he’d ever stood on. Yunho retrieved something from his jeans pocket then undid his zipper, the rasping sound echoing loudly in Min’s ears. Stepping free of the jeans and his underwear, he stood before Min, naked and ready.

“Do you want me to…” Min stammered, his hands reaching for his own jeans. Yunho stopped him, catching his chilled fingers in a warm clasp.

“No,” He said. “Let me.”

Leading Changmin to the edge of the bed, Yunho lay the younger man on the mattress, leaving a small kiss on Min’s belly button before straightening up. Tossing two foil packets and a small tube of oil onto the bed, he stared down at Min’s long body, drinking in the sight of the beautiful blend of sinew and muscle before him. His own sex stood firm, ready to delve into the depths of the other man’s body but Yunho told himself to be patient, bringing his hands to Min’s waist to undo his jeans.

He bent over, blowing kisses on Changmin’s naked belly and smiled when the younger man laughed. They both grew somber when Yunho undid the button of Min’s fly then the heat between them grew intense as the older man lowered Changmin’s zipper.

“Lift up, baby,” Yunho said, lightly scraping his teeth over Changmin’s belly as he bent forward to grip the sides of Min’s pants. “Show me everything you’ve got. Make me want more.”

Inch by inch, Min’s long legs were exposed to Yunho’s sight and a twist of his fingers captured Changmin’s underwear as well. After tugging the fabric off of the man’s body, Yunho let his eyes roam over the sheer perfection of the younger man’s form.

“God you are beautiful,” Yunho whispered, chuckling when Min’s hands rose up to cover his groin. “No…no, don’t cover up. Not from me. I want to see all of you. Hell, I want to taste all of you.”

“Yunnie-ah…hyung,” Changmin murmured. “I should tell you…”

“You’ve never done this before, eh?” Yunho asked, smiling at Min’s quick nod. “That’s perfect. I like knowing that I’m your first. I want to be that for you.”

“But you… it won’t be enjoyable for you,” Min protested. “I should have known more… tried more.”

“I don’t like the sound of that,” He admitted, stretching out to cover Min’s body. “I like knowing that I’m the only who’s seen you like this. I like knowing that you’re mine… like this. Always like this.”

“I can’t… oh god,” Min gasped when Yunho’s fingers stroked his shaft. A rush of blood hit his sex and the world tightened down to a pinprick of light. “Yunho!”

“Hold on, baby. That’s nothing.”

The bitter-salt taste of Min’s sex filled Yunho’s senses and he had to stop himself from swallowing the young man whole. The urge to have the thrust of a hard shaft hit the roof of his mouth overwhelmed the man and he took deep breaths, slowing himself down to savour every shudder he brought up from Min’s body.

He ran his tongue along the head’s edge, playing with the line intersecting its lower side. The spony velvet heart fit into Yunho’s mouth perfect as did the width of the shaft in his hand and he crouched over Min’s body, suckling the first spill of seed to hit his tongue.

The sensations were growing too much for Changmin and he twisted, instinctively needing to get away from the torturous sweetness of Yunho’s hot mouth. Within seconds of decided to abandon himself to the sensations rocking his mind, Changmin felt a stir in his sac and then his balls lifted, reaching up into his guts to pull down any last semblance of hesitation or fear he might have harbored.

“Can’t stop, Yunnie-ah… I can’t…”

The white lights hovering around his vision hit him, swallowing Min as whole as Yunho’s mouth engulfing his sex. A few quick hard strokes of Yunho’s firm hand and Changmin fell into the light, riding the overload to where it took him. The older man swallowed around Changmin’s sex, taking in every drop he could as his lover came. The man’s body jerked and thrust, his writhing subsiding as his erection spent itself.

Panting to catch his breath, Changmin reached for his lover, needing to take Yunho in his arms. The older man crawled up the length of Min’s body, luxuriating in the feel of each inch of skin covered with a sheen of sweat. Coming up to Min’s shoulder, he lapped at the man’s collarbone, tasting the efforts of his ministrations on the man’s skin.

“I need to… do that for you,” Changmin murmured. “You must need…”

“Baby,” Yunho shushed his lover, “What I need is to have your legs up around my hips and my cock in your body. Can you do that for me? Can we do that?”

The press of Yunho’s erection left a wet smear of seed on Min’s leg and the younger man became aware of the heft of the other’s sex. His insides twitched and the longing in his gut blossomed. The empty aching feel of his soul would only be satiated with Yunho inside of him. No matter what ever happened, he would never be complete without Yunho.

“Yes,” Min murmured, nodding slowly. He raised his arms and wrapped them around Yunho’s neck, craning his neck for a kiss. “I want that. I want you.”

The tube was a single use and Yunho’s heart jumped when Changmin snapped the top open, spilling the oil on his own fingers. Lifting his leg up, Changmin slid his hand under himself, rubbing the lube around his entrance. Awkwardly displayed, he almost stopped when Yunho’s fingers joined his, rubbing at the tender area until he relaxed.

“Let me show you how to do this, baby,” Yunho said, taking the lubricant from Min’s hand. “We’ll go slow.”

“Thank you,” Changmin whispered, refusing to let his gaze drop from Yunho’s face. The man’s eyes were steeped in sensual longing, their whiskey-brown flecks a brilliant gold in the room’s single light. “I’m scared, Yunho. It sounds silly, I know.”

“No, it’s not,” He said, rubbing at the curled in spiral of Min’s body. A press of his index finger tested Min’s readiness and the younger man gasped as Yunho buried the first joint into his heat. “If you want to stop… any time… you tell me. Okay? Promise me that, Changmin. Promise me!”

A nod was all Min could give but it was enough to mollify Yunhoh’s concerns. Stretching out next to his lover, Yunho captured Changmin’s mouth in a deep kiss. As before, he teased and tickled the other with his tongue, slowing working down Min’s chest to play with his sensitive nipples. The lubricant made entering Changmin easier but the young man’s entrance was tight, nearly too tight to ply open.

“Relax, baby,” Yunho whispered against Min’s nipple. “Just relax and let me in.”

Yunho slid his finger in as Min pushed out and the young man’s hips lifted with the shock of being penetrated. Stroking at Changmin’s face, Yunho trailed butterfly kisses up Changmin’s throat and across his jaw, settling for a nipping suckle on his ear as he reached into his lover’s heat. A stroke of his finger found what he was looking for and Changmin stiffened with lightning sensations ripping through him.

“God, Yunho!” He grabbed at Yunho’s forearm, trying to anchor himself to any piece of the reality he could find but lost it again when the man ghosted over the spot again, returning to press harder then dance away. “Can’t… God, can’t think. Too much.”

“It’s not, Trust me, baby. You’ll know when it’s too much,” Yunho lowered his mouth, toying with Min’s nipple again. He touched off another quiver through Min’s body and the younger man lifted up his knees, spreading his legs apart. Opening up for Yunho further, he moaned, gripping his lover’s arm hard enough to leave indentations. Yunho slid another finger into Changmin, scissoring his digits slowly to stretch his lover open.

The feeling of being prepared drove Min back into the mattress. A rush of air hit the inside of his body and he whimpered at the slight pain riding over his nerves. Yunho dipped his wrist and lightning struck Min again. His cock jumped with the excitement, its tip slowly releasing a drop of glistening white seed.

“Need…” Changmin pleaded with his lover, unsure of what to say or do, only certain he needed something only Yunho could give him. “Please, hyung… please.”

Yunho smiled and kissed Min’s open mouth, surrendering to the fierceness of Min’s response. Sliding his fingers free of Min’s heat ground a whimpering growl from his lover’s panting mouth but Yunho shushed him with a brush of his lips. “Hold on, baby. I’ve got to get something on me first.”

“Why?” Querulous, Changmin grumbled. “I trust you.”

“I don’t trust anything I’ve done,” Yunho warned, rubbing his cheek against Min’s temple. “We’ll do this without only after I get tested. I’ve been careful, Changmin but you…you’re not someone I ever want to risk. Not if I can be careful. Doing this shows you how much I love you. Know that, okay?”

“Okay,” Changmin whispered. The world shifted around him as Yunho positioned himself between Changmin’s knees. His lover’s hands ran up and down his thighs, a soothing movement meant to calm Min’s jittering nerves. Biting his lip, Min took a deep breath and lifted his legs up, resting them on Yunho’s hips. Nodding, he reassured the hesitating older man. “Please, Yunho. I know I want this. I need to feel you in me. I need to feel connected to you. I need…”

“I need you too, baby,” Yunho whispered, guiding Min’s legs up until his calves were on his shoulders. The move opened Changmin up, widening his slickened opening. “I need you so badly.”

The initial push was difficult and Min’s body fought Yunho. A deep breath and some coaxing in Yunho’s low rumbling whiskey breath pacified Min’s nerves and Yunho pressed in again, carefully working the heart-shaped head into Min’s tight heat. The stretch was nearly too much for Min and he cried out, panting heavily while Yunho rubbed at his stomach. An offer to pull out was met by a fierce refusal and Yunho remained still, giving his lover time to adjust.

“I feel… so open…” Min gasped as he moved his hips, sliding Yunho in the barest of progress. Suddenly the emptiness inside of him turned tight with a longing ache and Min’s hips jerked up, pulling Yunho in further.

“Keep doing that and I’m not going to last,” Yunho grunted, trying to think of the least sexiest things he could.

Having Min’s long body underneath him, glittering with a sheen of sweat and the tinge of musk between them. The younger man’s hands ran up Yunho’s chest before finally find a hold on his arms. Thrusting his hips up, Changmin buried Yunho into his passage, not satisfied until he felt the slap of the older man’s sac against his body.

“Please,” Min begged. “Fuck me.”

“God, such a dirty mouth,” Yunho laughed then bent over to steal a kiss. He remained hovering over Min’s body, supporting his weight on his hands. The hard length of Min’s erection lay trapped between them and Yunho began to rock his hips, roiling his stomach over Min’s sex. “Gonna to make you scream, baby. Can you scream for me?”

Wrapping his fingers on Yunho’s forearms, Min leveraged himself up to meet Yunho’s thrusts, matching the older man’s pace. Soon the air was filled with the sound of their sweaty bodies slapping together and then Min’s soft moaning cries joined in, harmonizing through Yunho’s deeper murmurings. The bed creaked beneath them, shuddering to take the momentum of their thrusts. Yunho tilted his hips and the change in angle moved his sex, hitting the sweet spot buried in Min’s core.

The long lingering moan from Min’s mouth excited Yunho more and he hit the spot again, lovingly watching the waves of sensual pleasure hit his lover’s face. Changmin’s neck muscles corded while he rode the intense wave and he dug his fingers deeper into Yunho’s skin, his nails breaking the other man’s skin.

Yunho hit the sweet mark in Min’s passage over and over, slowing down to prolong Min’s agonizing pleasure. The younger man’s trapped sex began to leak, covered in the salty milk from Min’s sac. A spurt of the seed on Changmin’s belly was too much of a temptation for the man and he folded inwards, thrusting harder as he lengthened his tongue to clean the smear from his lover’s skin.

The contact was too much for Min. Driven insane by the feel of his lover’s shaft run against his gland, he shouted with his release, hips thrusting to push Yunho in deeper. The hot sticky flow from his sex hit their stomachs as he came, spreading out between them with each roll of their bodies.

Min’s musky scent and his mewling cries drove Yunho over the edge and he felt his balls roll up against the hollow of his legs. The roiling motion in their depths began to spread, tangling up Yunho’s nerves and hitting the back of his head. Flushed, he took a deep breath and thrust again, forcing himself into the velvet grip of his lover’s passage. Min’s muscles clenched around Yunho’s shaft as he came, flexing and releasing the older man with each climatic wave.

Changmin felt the torrent of hot liquid rush when Yunho’s climax hit but it remained trapped inside the thin sheath surrounding Yunho’s cock. A small part of him longed to feel himself being filled by Yunho’s release… to lie against his lover and know that he’d taken in Yunho’s pleasure but he knew he would soon enough.

Holding the ring of latex with a pinch of his fingers, Yunho pulled free of Min’s body. Kissing away Min’s mewling objections, he padded to the bathroom to dispose of the condom, returning with a towel to clean Min’s stomach and legs. Another complaint from Min made him chuckle and he scrubbed the younger man’s stomach vigorously, earning howls of protests and a slap across the shoulder.

“Stop moving about,” Yunho ordered. “You don’t want to sleep in a sticky mess, do you?”

“I don’t mind,” Changmin growled as the towel came near him again. Resigned to Yunho’s bossiness, he allowed himself to be wiped down, moaning with renewed pleasure when the older man took his time ministering to his sex. “Keep doing that and I’m going to want you again.”

“Too soon,” Yunho said, tossing the towel onto a chair. “Come here. Now that you’re cleaned off, I can cuddle with you.”

“And you couldn’t before?”

“No, because we would have woken up stuck together like chewed up mochi,” Yunho laughed as he turned off the light and nuzzled up against his lover. They lay against one another, breathing in the scent of their joining and listening to their heart beats fall into a steady rhythm.

“Do you think Jaejoong set us up?” Min asked after a few moments. He felt sore and his legs ached from being stretched but the throb in his muscles reminded him of Yunho being buried deep inside of him.

“Oh yeah, he did,” Yunho agreed. “I’ll have to send him kimchi or something to thank him. He’s known I’ve been in love with you since… well for a long time. Even back when I shouldn’t have had those kinds of thoughts about you.”

Changmin blinked and stared up at the ceiling, watching the city lights from the open window reflect on the plaster. Something unfolded inside of him and a deep warmth grew from it, stretching out to touch his heart.

“You just said you loved me,” Min ventured.

“I did,” Yunho agreed. “I assume you love me too.”

“I do,” Changmin exhaled, finally letting go of the breath he’d held in his heart from the moment he first saw Yunho. “I love you, Yunho. It feels good to say it. Out loud and not in my head.” Raising his voice, he said it again. “I love you, Yunho.”

“Good,” The older man replied, rolling Changmin over onto his back. His hand moved down Min’s hips and found the thickening head of his sex. With an adroit twist of his fingers, he twisted a sliding grip over Min’s shaft and caught Changmin’s awakening moan in a savage kiss. Plundering the sweetness of his lover’s mouth as he stroked Changmin into a hard readiness, he let the kiss go and whispered softly. “Let’s see what else can make you feel good besides saying you love me.”

“You can try but I have to tell you, nothing is going to make me feel as good as I do when I say I love you.” Fisting his fingers in Yunho’s hair, he stared into his lover’s gaze and said, “But I am more than willing to let you try.”
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