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Chasing The Winter Moon Se7en

Chasing The Winter Moon ♥
Lesson Se7en [NC-17-ish]
Pairing: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic) Post Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Author: wedspawn
Overall Rating: Probably NC-17
Requested by: hoshiko_malfoy
Summary: Following an epic scandal at their university, two master scholars search for their own meaning of love.

Lesson One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

Rough laughter echoed down the hall and Yoon Hee stopped, tucking herself against the wall as long shadows moved back and forth behind the panels ahead of her. She’d worked her way into the building without seeing anyone but once into the main hall, the scholar had little hope of remaining invisible while she sought out Jae Shin. The bright blue of Sungkyunkwan university seemed drab compared to the finery around her and no one in their right mind would believe a lowly scholar could afford to pay for the services of a high-end tea house.

“Well unless that scholar is Goo Yong Ha.” She muttered to herself. “Of course they probably pay him to be there.”

The sound of shuffling feet on the hallway’s polished floor panicked Yoon Hee to look someplace more secure to hide. The door panel behind her was dark, a semi-reassuring sign that the room was unoccupied and she slowly eased its along its rails, trying to keep the noise below notice. Opening it barely wide enough to slip through, she berated herself when Sun Joon’s coat caught on the frame, the thick garment too bulky to move in properly. Pushing at the door, she opened it another few inches and slid into what looked like storage room.

With the person approaching too quickly to shut the door all the way, Yoon Hee instead looked for someplace to hide, spying a standing wardrobe along one wall. The tall cabinet appeared to be filled with clothing; dainty garments reeking of rich scents and sparkling dangles. An elaborate jeonmo fell down from an upper shelf, striking Yoon Hee on the head. She caught at it before it could tumble any further, gripping the hat with its yards of veiling fabric to her chest.

“Have you seen the green unguents?” A soft voiced woman asked someone else in the room. A bit of panic edged her words, cutting through like a needle in cloth. “He wants them for… his guest.”

“Why would he bring a cheonmin here?” A different woman this time, sounding bitter and caustic. “We are here. And he brings in someone… rough?”

“The man is pretty. His clothes are too nice for a cheonmin.”

Yoon Hee bit her tongue to stop herself from defending who she assumed was Jae Shin. No one else would dress like a peasant in a tea house. The mention of a salve bothered her. Was Jae Shin hurt? Was I wrong about Dae Min?

“Those lotions are for the new ones. The ones who aren't used to having a man inside of them,” The second woman muttered. “Why would you bring a man here who would need something to prepare him for… those matters?”

“I don’t know.” A cry of relief followed some rustling. “Here they are. I shall put a small container on the tray but only because he asked. Truthfully, I think the pretty maybe-not cheonmin is too drunk to do anything with… or to.”

“Men don’t care about that.” The bitterness was back in the unseen woman’s voice. “The cheonmin should be happy that one is going to use those. Normally, he’d just stick himself in and have his own pleasure — we both have suffered through that.”

“This time, I think it is different.” The sounds of the women closing cabinets and putting things away both eased and worried Yoon Hee’s thoughts. “I think this one is different. From what I could see, Sa Ma Gwi wants him. Very badly.”

“Good, then the cheonmin can have him.” She muttered, barely audible over the scrape of the door panel. “Let the Sa Ma Gwi fuck him… and leave the rest of us alone.”


Sa Ma Gwi*? Is that what they call… Kim Dae Min?” Yoon Hee grumbled as she walked primly down the hallway. The clothing she’d found in the wardrobe swam on her tiny frame, even with her robes on underneath and she’d nearly left Sun Joon’s thick coat behind when she realized the heavy garment could serve another purpose.

Her face burned as she thought on what the women said. A vivid image of Jae Shin, partially disrobed and sprawled on a bed pad flashed in her mind. “And… what did they mean Dae Min would… oh no, not with our Geol Oh. He’s Yong Ha’s! If anyone has… will… do that with our Jae Shin it should be Yong Ha. They both love each other so much… even if they are too stubborn to say so.”

With a quick raid of the wardrobe and hastily pinched cheeks to bring the colour up in her face, she’d once again found herself masquerading as a gisaeng looking for her lover.

Several men passed by her, each leering at her willowy form as she bowed with mock respect. With the coat folded over her arms, she appeared to be searching for its owner, a mission that would keep her from having to entertain any of the other tea house’s guests. Strangely, the other gisaeng were no where to be found although she heard a husky, warm laugh coming from one closed off room that sounded like one of the women from the storage room.

She ducked her head when she spotted a bored young page near the front entrance and her stomach twisted sourly at the very real possibility of being caught…while dressed as a woman in a bawdy tea house. Stopping suddenly, she looked at the boy swinging his feet back and forth as he sat waiting for someone to need the door opened. Keeping herself partially shadowed, Yoon Hee called out to him.

“Boy!” Yoon Hee affected Sun Joon’s strong tone, hoping to drive some authority into her voice. She hoped the shadows would hide her face but the familiar clothing would trick the boy into believing she belonged. “What room is Sa Ma Gwi in? I have to return this coat to his guest.”

“Sun Hee said he wasn’t to be bothered,” The boy called back, still swinging his feet.

“If his guest doesn’t get his cleaned coat back, I will tell them it was you that didn’t help me,” Yoon Hee barked, begging forgiveness from herself for lying to the young page.

“He’s down the hall.. on the right. At the very end,” The page stammered, straightening his shoulders in alarm. “But do not tell him that I told you or I’ll be beaten.”

Yoon Hee didn’t respond but frowned as she continued on. “Who would beat a child for that? Oh Kim Dae Min, you and I are going to have words when I find you.”

She didn’t get more than a few feet down the hall when a strong hand grabbed her, yanking her into a small room. Dropping the coat, Yoon Hee brought her fists up, squaring her stance as Geol Oh taught her and lashed out with a quick fist, aiming up towards her attacker’s head.

Her knuckles hit something solid, probably the man’s head and she was suddenly airborne, her attacker’s hands gripping her upper arms and lifting her up. With her feet dangling nearly a foot off the ground, Yoon Hee was paralyzed with shock for a moment before her senses came back to her and she reared her legs up, intending to kick her way to freedom when the man shifted and his face fell into the sparse light coming from a sconce.

“Sun Joon!” Yoon Hee breathed a sigh of relief. “I almost died from shock! What are you doing here?”

“The question is, dear agi, what are you here?” His eyes, hot and demanding, raked over her slender body and Yoon Hee felt another blush pink over her skin. “And why are you dressed as a woman? Didn’t I tell you that you should never do this? — To dress this…way… because this is only for me?”


Dae Min felt Jae Shin’s hands on his shoulders, moaning loudly when the man’s palms ran down his arms. His sensual murmurs turned to an outraged yelp when Jae Shin gently gripped him and pushed him away.

“No,” The rebellious scholar whispered, his breathing hot and fast as he turned over onto his side. A shake of his head kept Dae Min back, even though the young man wanted nothing more than to fit himself against Jae Shin’s body and hold him tightly. “Please…Dae Min-ah, I… need some air.”

“This is too…quick for you, yes?” He berated himself for moving too quickly, especially while not taking the time to pour more soju down Jae Shin’s pretty mouth. The glass salve container mocked Dae Min from its place on the tray, as if taunting the man with the possibilities of his pleasure if only he’d taken precautions against Jae Shin’s sobriety. “If I’ve given offense, hyung…it’s just that…I thought you wanted this.”

“I do,” Jae Shin murmured, unable to get his body to shake of its lethargy enough to move further than a few inches from the man he’d teased into seduction. “I… I just can’t. I’m sorry. I’ve never… not this. Not ever.”

Yong Ha, bless you for your ignorance and stupidity, Dae Min suppressed his shouts of glee at Jae Shin’s innocence. Schooling his face carefully into a mask of concern, he lightly touched Jae Shin’s arm, tugging at the man’s broad shoulders. “Please, hyung, let’s at least talk about…this. Between you and I, there should be no walls. No lies. Have we not always been open with one another? Can we not continue that now?”

For a second, Dae Min wondered if he’d plied the man too thickly but a shift of Jae Shin’s body and he exhaled with relief. Lying on his back, the scholar stared up at the ceiling, his soft hair falling down around his face and obscuring most of his features. All Dae Min could see clearly was the man’s beautiful, kiss-swollen mouth and he shifted painfully, pulling at his pants to relieve the pressure against his tortured sex.

“Talk to me, hyung…Jae Shin-ah. Tell me what I can do to make…this… feel better for you.” Dae Min stroked at Jae Shin’s sleeved arm, not trusting himself to touch actual skin. “I thought…have I made a mistake? Have I done something to make you hate me? If so, please.. that was never… I wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of you hating me. Not after all we’ve become.”

“I don’t hate you, Dae Min-ah,” Jae Shin held Dae Min’s hand, working their fingers together in an embrace. “It is just that… if I were to do something… like this… with you, I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what I am doing here. Or what we doing. How do men… love this way? It’s wrong. Or it should feel wrong but it doesn’t. How can I do this to you… make you do this with me… knowing how dangerous it is for you to be with me…as we are now.”

“Because…” Dae Min sat up, kneeling besides Jae Shin so he could lean over the man’s body and look into his eyes. “Because I have done these…things with other men. I’ve known for a long time that I prefer men…the touch of men over women. Nothing excites me more than a man’s lean body, naked and strong before me. I have known this for a long time.”

“If you’ve…” Jae Shin bit his lips, sucking them in as he thought. “If you’ve done this, then why… do this… with me? You must know I’m…not used to doing this. I’ve never done anything like this…with man or woman. Why not find someone to pleasure yourself with who knows what they are doing? Why choose me?”

Have you seen yourself? Dae Min wanted to scream at the man, folding his hands in tightly so he didn’t grab Jae Shin by the shoulders and shake him until his eyes rattled back into his skull. Because I watch your ass beneath your clothes and I think about how tight you would be around me? How hot you would feel on my cock? How I want to fill you with my seed and bite you so hard on the back of your neck that I leave a mark than never heals? Or maybe because no one has ever had you and I want to be the first to plunder that sweet richness? Are you that blind, Moon Jae Shin, that you cannot see how much you make me lust for you? You are driving me mad enough to just take what I want and damn the consequences — I know your body will be that sweet…be that wicked… that I won’t care if I have to murder you afterwards because you’ll want to kill me for hurting you; I want you that much.

“Because I’ve not felt this way about anyone before,” Dae Min murmured, lowering his gaze to focus on the man’s mouth, hoping the coy shyness of a fellow scholar would draw the man out. “Because for all the time I have spent with me, I’ve only felt my body respond with pleasure and with you… with you, I feel as if you make my soul and heart spill open, as my body has done with other men.”

He chanced another kiss, a small delicate press of his lips on Jae Shin’s to seal the sincerity of his words. The tantalizing taste on his obsession ground a soft moan from his throat and Dae Min swallowed, holding Jae Shin’s flavour on his tongue before he pulled away.

“Because I love you, my Jae Shin,” Dae Min lifted his gaze, hoping the glitter of lust in his eyes could pass for the promise of tears. “Because if I spent one moment dying with a kiss from your mouth, it would worth living a long life sharing pleasures with a thousand men.”

“Yong…” Jae Shin breathed, closing his eyes against the anguish Dae Min saw flicker across his face.

“He is not here, Jae Shin.” He pressed his fingertips against Jae Shin’s lips, stopping the man from saying his best friend’s name. “He would never be here with you. Not like this. Not like I am with you. The tea houses he visits have women, many women who have already felt his touch…already felt his pleasure… women who have already wiped his pleasure from between their thighs once and will do so again. He is not for you, my Jae Shin. Not like I am. Not like I always will be.”

“He is…” Jae Shin forced himself to look at the dark corners of his heart where he tucked away his affection for Yong Ha. “This… my being here with you isn’t…right…it isn’t fair to you.”

“Being here with you,” Dae Min whispered. “Is all I’ve ever wanted.”

Dae Min worked his jacket off, then stripped the undergarments constricting his movements. Bare chested, he straddled Jae Shin’s hips, slowly peeling the man’s loosened jacket from his torso. Jae Shin let the other man guide him free of his sleeves, lying back into the bedding as Dae Min leaned over him and placed his hands on either side of Jae Shin’s shoulders, resting his weight on his knees and palms.

They stared at one another, separated by a few inches and centuries of forbidden temptations. A wanton anticipation lurked in Dae Min’s gaze as Jae Shin looked away, turning his face aside when the rawness of Dae Min’s lust grew too great. Jae Shin’s heart beat hard in his chest, pumping so furiously that Dae Min could feel the pressure of his pulse jump under his skin.

“I can feel you…feel your wanting under me,” Dae Min whispered, lowering his mouth to the crook of Jae Shin’s neck.

He opened his lips and parted his teeth, taking a gentle bite of Jae Shin’s satiny flesh. The man underneath him gasped and his hips jerked up in reflex, making Dae Min smile around his mouthful of skin and meat when he felt the hard length of Jae Shin’s arousal press up into him.

“Tell me you don’t feel a need for me, Jae Shin.” He rolled the bite between his teeth and let go, licking at the spot with his tongue. Unsatisfied with the faint marbling pink on Jae Shin’s skin, he bit again, hard enough to make the man moan with the slight pain-pleasure.

Biting again, taking small clenches until Jae Shin writhed under him and the man’s hands wrapped up in the linens with a furious grip, Dae Min continued, “Can you tell me that there isn’t a part of you clenching when I touch you. That you don’t long to feel me against that secret place that is begging for me to touch? Tell me, Jae Shin — my Jae Shin — can you tell me you don’t feel the need for me? Don’t you wonder what it would feel like… to finally be worshipped and loved as you are meant to be?”

Jae Shin’s moan, a dark and slithering sound, fueled Dae Min on.

“Tell me, my beautiful Jae Shin, tell me what you want,” He murmured, sinking his teeth into Jae Shin’s throat again. “Tell me you need to feel me fill you. That you will let me show you how incredible it feels to have someone love you long and hard enough to bring the stars down to you. Tell me that, my Jae Shin, and I will spend every second we have of this night, rolling you in moonlight and drinking the silver from your body. Just tell me… you want this.”

“Yes,” Jae Shin whispered, a broken rough rasp filled with his overwhelming want to be touched and loved. “Please. I want this.”

*Sa Ma Gwi: praying mantis
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