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Chasing The Winter Moon: Eight

Chasing The Winter Moon ♥
Lesson Eight
Pairing: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic) Post Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Author: wedspawn
Overall Rating: Probably NC-17
Requested by: hoshiko_malfoy
Summary: Following an epic scandal at their university, two master scholars search for their own meaning of love.

Lesson One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

“What are you doing here?” Yoon Hee hissed, wriggling in Sun Joon’s grasp. “And put me down.”

Sun Joon barely budged when Yoon Hee struck his chest with the flat of her hands. A ghost of a smile appeared on his face when she pushed again and he took the merest step back to appease her ego. Gently setting the slender woman down, he set a disapproving scowl on his face — a scowl seriously undermined by the smile warming his eyes.

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here?” He leaned over her.

“I asked first.” Yoon Hee fought a brief battle with her borrowed skirts, pulling at them to bunch up around her waist. “If I like your answer, I might give you one in return.”

“I followed you.” Sun Joon shrugged. “You looked …sneaky when I left you at your room so I waited to see what you were up to.”

“I did not look sneaky! I just needed to… make certain Jae Shin hyung was okay.” Looking up, she glared at him through narrowed eyes. “And what were you thinking? Following me? Why?”

“Because you are the centre of my world,” Sun Joon replied softly, cupping his hand over her cheek. “Because where you go… no matter how ill-advised… I am there with you.”

“Oh ho! You think you can soothe me… like I’m some child!”

“No, I think I can walk besides you to battle anything you take on. My heart hears yours and I am compelled to follow. It is such a thing I have resigned myself to… this loving of you.” His thumb pressed on the fullness of her mouth, a slow stroke of his pad on her lower lip. Sun Joon dared himself to take a small taste of the woman who bedeviled his life, promising himself a tiny touch of his mouth on the corner of her lips and moaned when Yoon Hee turned to kiss him fully.

“You are now forbidden to be around Yong Ha!” She declared, gathering up her skirts. “You sound like Yeorim trying to coax something out of one of his gisaeng.”

“Yong Ha doesn’t love his gisaeng,” Sun Joon said in return, fixing his dislodged gat. “Not as I love you. Not as I want to love you every day. Until the day I die of exhaustion from following you into your schemes. Now tell me what you are doing here? And I might even forgive you for stealing my coat.”

“I had to take the coat. I was cold.” She murmured under her breath as she picked up the discarded garment. “And I love you too.”

“Then tell me what we are doing here. What are you doing here? In a tea house and dressed like… that.”

“You are going to have to get over your obsession with my clothes.” She poked at his chest then blushed when he pursed his lips in an attempt to control another smile from taking over his mouth. “Stop that. We need to focus on what we’re doing here.”

“Something I am still without any guidance on,” Sun Joon said sternly. “Why did you sneak out of Sungkyunkwan to follow Moon Jae Shin?”

“Because he and Yong Ha had a fight. I went looking for him but that Dae Min found him first…then brought him here.”

“Dae Min is his friend,” Sun Joon said, his tone flat and steady. “I would imagine they do… many things together without your assistance or involvement.”

“Don’t be that way.”

“What way?”

“The way when you pretend as if you are above judging someone else when I know in your little heart you are judging with each breath you take.” Yoon Hee wagged her finger under his nose. “You just like pretending to be better than the rest of us but there is a little Sun Joon inside of your head gleefully dancing around and saying; YOU I judge! Judge! Judge! Judge!. I hear his little voice all the time. Don’t think I can’t.”

“Why are we here?” Sun Joon sighed, the sound of a long-suffering man. “To spy on Jae Shin?”

“No, we are here to get him out of Dae Min’s arms,” Yoon Hee declared. “And bring him back to Yong Ha where he belongs.”


Jae Shin felt his heart die, its final sputtering and gasping throes poisoning the blood in his veins. His hand shook when he lifted it off of the bed, fingers trembling when he touched Dae Min’s bare shoulder. He felt strangely cold inside, although the rest of his body was on fire with the wanting of Dae Min’s touch and he shoved it away, refusing to look too closely at the emotions swirling around inside of him.

The touch was wrong. For as good as it felt to have the man’s hands and mouth on him, they felt.. infinitesimally wrong. And when Dae Min leaned in for a kiss, Jae Shin turned away, somehow unable to take the taste of Dae Min on his tongue.

“It’s okay, hyung,” Dae Min murmured, stroking at the man’s face with delicate brush of his finger tips. “I know this is new to you. Let me show you how good this can be. How good I can make you feel.”

He lowered himself onto Jae Shin’s body, covering the man with his weight. Heavy with want, Dae Min’s sex seemed to instinctively find Jae Shin’s, their lengths growing stiff as he lightly rolled his hips against the other man. It was hard to go slow, Dae Min discovered, especially when taking in the sight of Jae Shin’s sloe eyes shimmering with the surrender to his touch.

Mine, Dae Min thought, unable to stop his smile from spreading over his face. You are mine, Moon Jae Shin.

“I have something… that will make this easier for you, Jae Shin.” He bit back his moan, keeping his voice as steady as he could despite the growing friction on his sex. “I’ll take care of you. I promise.”

“I… don’t know how…”

“We will take this slow,” Dae Min promised, mentally calculating how long it would take for the unguent to take effect if he had to use it. “I won’t do anything you don’t want…or don’t like. I want this to be as much about your pleasure…as mine.”

“This… this between us,” Jae Shin whispered. “This is too quickly done for me. I’m not… I’m not one for these kinds of pleasures.”

“That’s because no one has ever touched you… not like I want to,” Dae Min replied, cursing inwardly. He was losing the man’s interest with each passing second. Needing to distance Jae Shin from his thoughts, Dae Min reached for the soju. “Lie back, hyung, and just...feel.”

The storm outside had fallen silent while he’d coaxed Jae Shin into the bedding but as Dae Min fought with his desire to take what he wanted, it rose again bringing harsh winds down upon the exclusive tea house. Even through the thick outer walls, the screaming howls could be heard clearly, whipping around the building in a hungered frenzy.

“The winter wants us, Geol Oh.” Dae Min whispered, sliding down Jae Shin’s long, muscular body. “But I won’t let anyone have you…you are just for me.”

His fingers teased Jae Shin’s nipple, plucking it hard. Jae Shin writhed, reaching for the other man. Dae Min caught his wrists, pressing them down to Jae Shin’s side.

Dae Min coaxed Jae Shin’s mouth open with a slow, tantalizing kiss, his fingers slowly stroking at the man’s chest. Moving to trail a line of biting kisses over Jae Shin’s jaw, his belly warmed at the deep purple mark forming on the man’s neck, his teeth prints vivid against Jae Shin’s golden skin.

“Let me do this…” Dae Min purred. “Just let go, my Jae Shin. Let go and just…feel. Don’t think. Just…feel …and breathe.”


“This is not our business,” Sun Joon grumbled as he followed Yoon Hee out into the hallway. “Anything that is happening between Jae Shin and Dae Min… is…”

“Not supposed to happen,” She finished for her fiancé. “Dae Min is poaching. Jae Shin belongs to Yong Ha.”

“No one can belong to another.”

“You belong to me,” Yoon Hee replied. “Jae Shin belongs to Yong Ha.”

“Does that mean you belong to me?” He teased as he held up his hands to ward off her expected attack. Sobering, Sun Joon tugged on her sleeve, stalling her progress. “We’re making trouble in this, Yoon Hee. By involving ourselves in this, we are acknowledging there is a relationship here… several of them… between men.”

Yoon Hee’s chin went up in a challenge. “Are you worried because it is against the supposed rules?”

“I am worried because while you and I do not care about the rules, there are others who would make things…difficult for Yong Ha and Jae Shin. Even here, as we are now standing in a place where men gather, they hide their…affections for one another behind a ruse.” He plucked up the end of her stolen jacket to emphasis his point. “They… our friends… would be risking a lot, maybe even their lives, if they act towards those affections.”

“Isn’t love worth it?” She turned, the faint light catching her face. “Weren’t we worth it?”

Standing in the middle of the hallway, Yoon Hee made a nearly comical figure. Her slender form was swathed in an elaborate dress nearly two sizes too large for her, despite the layers of her scholar robes beneath. The gaudy colours and brilliant sparkles were a far cry from the blue they often wore and she could barely keep her head straight from the weight of the bulky wig she’d tried to fit over her head. To the passing eye, she might resemble a gauche young woman attempting to mimic her betters…and failing to do so in a spectacular manner.

To Sun Joon, he only saw where his heart resided and where his soul longed to spend eternity in.

“You are, agi,” He said, voice soft and warm. “And yes, love — no matter whose love it is — is worth it.”

“Then let us go find our Jae Shin.” Yoon Hee punched a fist into her open hand and a bloodthirsty smirk formed on her lips. “And I have a score to settle with that Dae Min.”


Jae Shin lay still under Dae Min’s explorations, swallowing furtively at the uncomfortable lump in his throat. His body was tight and hard, obviously responsive to Dae Min’s fingers as they undid the ties to his pants. Those same fingers brushed under the band, a daring journey onto skin never touched before. His arousal was evident, Jae Shin glanced down to see the push of his sex against the seam of his clothes.

Then why do I feel… wrong?

His mind whispered answers, none of which he wanted to hear. The clench in his belly was shame and not repulsion. Shame at wanting another man’s touch when it was considered a perversion. In the mist of his confusion, Jae Shin felt the stirrings of rebellion in his mind and an aching itch in his hands to tear the other man off of his body and run down the hall like a frightened virgin on her bridal night.

Isn’t that what I am? Am I not that virgin? He asked himself.

Ah but this is not your bridal night, The whispers in his mind were joined by the sobbing cries in his heart. Because this is not the man you would spend your life with. This is not the man you long to have touch you…to mark you… the one you want to explore you…not the one you want to explore.

His soul joined in, a sibilant wending of a truth he longed to bury. This is not the man you love.

Dae Min’s mouth touched the soft skin of his underbelly and Jae Shin jumped, startled by the brush of lips. So lost in his thoughts, he’d not felt the man tug down the front of his pants, exposing a wide swath of skin and the first inch or so of his sex. Trapped beneath the tight pull of cloth against its length, his shaft filled with desire, the soft wiry hair surrounding it prickling Dae Min’s chin.

The man’s tongue licked at Jae Shin’s exposed base and the scholar’s world spun into a hard tight point, pushing the air out of his lungs. Unable to stop himself, he thrust up, rubbing his shaft on the press of Dae Min’s body. The need for satisfaction drove each roll of his hips and when Dae Min worked his fingers into his waistband and pulled them down to his hips, he made no move to stop him.

Another lick and Jae Shin shuddered, wanting to hold back but the pounding of his blood through his veins was proving to be more than he could handle. With another thrust, he eased some of the tightness only to have it return tenfold. The slit on his sex’s head dampened, the velvet curling back with the need to be touched. Dae Min fondled him through the cloth, working Jae Shin up into a frenzy he couldn’t hold back from. It was too much to hold onto, especially since he’d only felt the furtive touch of his own hand before tonight and the aching loss of Yong Ha echoed in the depths of his soul.

He can never love me like this, Jae Shin sobbed, biting down on his lips to keep from crying out. The depths of bitter despair rose up from the well of his soul and he fought the riptide, trying not to drown in the misery of his loss. His anguish grew, tormenting him with every breath he took and he battled to keep it contained, refusing to give in to the whispers of his mind.

Dae Min is here, He told himself. Dae Min is the one who wants you. The only who has ever wanted you.

The only one who came after you.

The only one who willing to love a degenerate like you.

Only because it won’t hurt as much when he walks away, The voices whispered, an erosive rain pounding on his resolve. Because he will walk away. Just like everyone else. And you will be left alone… once again.

The rush of his blood to his shaft stole Jae Shin’s breath and he gasped, trying to find a balance for the pleasure and despair consuming him. Grabbing at Dae Min’s head, he lost his fingers in the man’s loose hair and tried to push him away before the first wave of satiation hit.

Wrenched from Jae Shin’s body, Dae Min rolled, getting up to his knees and growled in frustration. Swearing between gritted teeth, he reached for the glass jar he’d ordered the gisaeng to bring him, intent on finding the warmth of Jae Shin’s body around him no matter what the cost.

Lost in the pleasure of his body going over the edge, Jae Shin growled as he fought the rise of his orgasm. The wordless animal sounds clawing out of his throat aroused Dae Min and the man reached for the writhing scholar, wanting to ride the pleasure filling Jae Shin’s body. The man fought the contact, needing distance from the temptation tormenting him. A rush of sour water hit his throat, pulled up from his stomach as the rotgut alcohol tried to leave his system and Jae Shin lurched, struggling to hold it in.

Turning over onto his stomach, Jae Shin touched himself where he lay bared and cried out, his anger growing inside of him at the wetness he found there.

Unfulfilled and frustrated, he grabbed at the bedding, shrouding himself in the linens while he desperately fought to keep what he longed for inside of him. The want came hard and fast, looming up over him as a cobra with teeth bared to strike. Curled up in a ball, Jae Shin surrendered to his own struggles, too tired to do much more than whisper his defeat to the man who’d conquered him.

I am sorry for hurting you — for wanting you — for loving you…when you cannot… will not love me, Yong Ha.” Jae Shin choked around his breaking pride. “My Yong Ha.
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