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Chasing the Winter Moon: Thirteen [Lime]

Chasing The Winter Moon ♥
Lesson Thirteen
Pairing: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic) Post Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Author: wedspawn
Overall Rating: Probably NC-17
Requested by: hoshiko_malfoy

PLEASE NOTE: I WILL BE SKIPPING TOMORROW. I will not be home so will have no time to write. I’ll be back on Sunday, California Time. No really. I won’t be posting. I won’t have enough time :::grins:::

Summary: Following an epic scandal at their university, two master scholars search for their own meaning of love.

Lesson One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve

“You left him?” Yoon Hee slapped Yong Ha’s shoulder. Thinking better of it, she smacked him again for good measure. “Why did you leave him and with whom?”

“He fainted.” Yong Ha winced and rubbed at his smarting arm. “I panicked and called Professor Jung. He kicked me out. Told me I was over-stimulating the patient.”

“Were you?”

“Was I what?” Yong Ha’s nostrils flared.

“Over-stimulating him!”

“You, little Daemul.” He tapped the end of her nose. “You have a dirty little mind.”

“I’m not the one with a library of red books,” She shot back.

Leering, he replied, “And I’m not the one who made a living copying them.”

“One! I did one and it…was about women. There was a lot of talk about flowers.” Yoon Hee blushed at the memory. “And I only did the texts. Not the pictures. I never saw the pictures.”

Yong Ha leaned over, whispering into her ear. “The pictures are the best part.”

“I’m going to make tea. Try not to embarrass yourself in the few minutes you are left alone.”

Yoon Hee’s new room was smaller than the one she’d shared before but it had a tiny attached room they’d converted to a bathing area. Yong Ha pillaged his family’s warehouses, bringing in slightly damaged furniture to make it more comfortable for her. A wide mattress pad sat against one wall and a luxurious silk screen blocked off the bathing area, a delicate painting of a green-gold bamboo forest filled with tiny pink birds. Ornate lanterns provided enough light for Yoon Hee to read, their edges barely scuffed but deemed unsellable by an exacting Yeorim.

Geol Oh caught the man picking out a thread from a new coverlet and Yong Ha grinned, motioning his friend to help him damage the rest of the room’s furnishings. Jae Shin’s fingers pushed imprints into the screen and left Yong Ha to his little white lies.

But not before he plucked out a button from the mattress pad and tucked it into Yong Ha’s hat.

“My hat!” Yong Ha exclaimed. “That’s where I’ve seen that before.”

“What?” Yoon Hee stopped measuring out leaves for tea, nearly overfilling the kettle’s basket. “Seen what?”

“The amber.” His smirk was sensual and knowing. “I think, my little fierce sparrow, that our Geol Oh loves me.”

“I never thought you were stupid, hyung.” Carefully pouring hot water into the kettle, Yoon He placed the lid on it and carried the metal pot over to the table. “Of course he loves you. He just doesn’t know how to say it.”

“Do you — in your infinite wisdom and exacting portrayal of the male species — even know how men make love to one another?” Her face churned white then to a deep pink, nearly matching the plum blossoms Sun Joon cut from a tree for her earlier that day. Tapping his chin with his fan, he lounged back on the seat cushion and chuckled. “Do you even know how a man and a woman make love?”


“So the answer would be no, then?” Yong Ha teased. “Remind me to have a talk with our Garang. He’s had months now and you still can’t look me in the eye when I talk about sex.”

“It’s not right for a… woman and man… to talk about such things. It’s not… proper.” She fretted at the teapot’s lid, refusing to meet Yong Ha’s inquisitive gaze.

“You pretended to be a man for more than a year and you talk now about being proper?” He burst into a hearty laughter. “Ah, maybe you’re the perfect match for our uptight Sun Joon — enough rigidity to make him comfortable but enough of a bohemian to make him take risks.”

“And your Geol Oh?” She quirked an eyebrow at him as she poured him a cup of tea. “How is he your match?”

“He’s better than me,” Yong Ha said quietly, sipping at the strongly brewed tea. “Inside and well, out. Very handsome. Thank god he doesn’t go to tea houses. I’d never be served and I’d lose my women to his pretty face.”

“Your women?” She looked at him over the cup. “Is that… how is.. this going to work between the two of you?”

“Ah, yes,” Yong Ha shifted uncomfortably. “I haven’t had a chance go talk to him about…that yet.”

“Will you?” Her dark eyes flicked to his face, a probing look that noted the tightness around his mouth. “Share him with women, I mean?”

“No.” The answer came sweet and quick, a short refusal to share any part of his Geol Oh with anyone. A wink broke the tension, his flirtatious nature refusing to be buried. “Well, maybe with you but definitely not with Sun Joon.”


He widened his eyes in a mocking gape of her expression. “Daemul!”

“Is it… difficult?” She struggled with her curiosity, torn between wanting to know the secrets of a forbidden love and scandalized at possibly knowing. “Have you.. done it before?”

“Yes.” His candor shocked Yoon Hee and she spluttered before catching herself. “It’s nice. It’s nicer if it’s with someone you like. I imagine it’s heavenly with someone you love.”

“Haven’t you ever been… done that … with someone you loved?” Pressing her hands to her face did nothing but hide Yoon Hee’s cheeks but it was good enough for her and she peeked out from between her fingers at the man sitting next to her.

“No,” He admitted. “I’ve only ever loved… one person. Still love one person. And probably will always love only that one.”

Yong Ha knew love the moment he set eyes on Moon Jae Shin. A the time, he dismissed the feeling burbling up in his belly. A bad bit of dumpling, he’d thought at the time, or perhaps too much of the plum wine he’d drank at lunch with his uncle but now, in retrospect, he knew it was his body telling him he’d been infected a terrible illness for which there was no recovery.

His nerves were frazzled. Having Jae Shin slump over in his arms scared the life out of him and even though the young man came around a few moments later, he’d panicked and started screaming for Professor Jung. By the time the older man arrived, Jae Shin was grumpier than normal, slightly ashamed at Yong Ha’s frenzied yelling.

Jung took one look at Yong Ha and ordered him out of the room.

Then ordered Yong Ha off of the walkway when he heard the scholar pacing outside of the door.

He’d knocked on Yoon Hee’s door after slogging through dirt-speckled snow drifts and let himself get dragged into her room. Nearby was easier but still fraught with worry. Every tread on the walkway alarmed him and when one of the pages ran over to knock on the door, he was on his feet before the young boy could tell him that Jae Shin was alright and Jung was going to stay with the young scholar until he slept a few hours.

“It’s like he doesn’t trust me to let Jae Shin sleep.” Yong Ha flushed when his mind flashed on Jae Shin lying half naked and tucked in his blankets. His skin itched with the want of Jae Shin against him so in hindsight, Jung probably was right. “I would let him sleep.”

“If he were mine, I wouldn’t,” Yoon Hee murmured.

“Daemul! Does Sun Joon know you lust after our Geol Oh?”

“Stop teasing, hyung.” Turning the metal kettle, she stroked at the rabbits embossed on its side. “This is a serious matter. This … thing.. between you, it’s a dangerous thing. Look at what happened when…”

“When Ha In Soo forced those accusations on you,” Yong Ha interjected. “I know. Jae Shin is worried. He thinks the worst of society — that I could be shunned or killed if we’re found out but understand, Yoon Hee, I’m willing to love him however I can. Perhaps I’m not brave enough to throw off conventions and live with Jae Shin as his lover. I don’t think I’m strong enough for that kind of ostracization but then I don’t think Jae Shin would ask that of me.”

“So it is… really love then? Like I love Sun Joon? Those same feelings?”

“Well, probably stronger feelings,” He teased. “I am more passionate and Geol Oh is definitely more hot blooded than the two of you combined. I’m hoping for a very responsive lover once I can show him how to love.”

The red on her cheeks refused to die down and Yoon Hee fanned herself, slapping Yong Ha’s knee when he laughed at her. “I’m not used to… even when I was Yoon Shik… no one spoke so openly of such things.”

“That is because I suspected you were…not everything you appeared and well, Jae Shin knew,” He grimaced. “Sun Joon was really the only one fooled. We didn’t want to talk about how a man loves a woman in front of you and well, the others? What were they going to say to the Daemul? It would have been rude to ask for advice and possible humiliation if they offered you some in return. Thus, you were spared such talk.”

“But how do… men?” She frowned, wondering how blatant she could be and not pass out from shame.

“In one of the same ways a man and a woman can embrace their passions,” Yong Ha murmured, not at all astonished by the look of shock on Yoon Hee’s face. “With enough…coaxing of the body and quite a lot of aromatic oils, men can pleasure one another quite easily — thoroughly even. Some men prefer that method, even if they are with a woman. Hasn’t your mother told you about these things?”

“No.” She bit at her upper lip, trying not to imagine Geol Oh and Yeorim locked in a sweaty, fragrant embrace. “But I’ve seen dogs breeding before and once, a boar mounted a sow.”

“It’s much like that,” Yong Ha smiled, amused at her pure innocence. “Except humans have a greater variety of embraces available to them. In fact, I have a book from India that I can loan you. It’s where I learned one of my more favourite things… the splitting of the bamboo…”

“Hyung!” Sun Joon scolded the older man from the doorway. “Yoon Hee… don’t… listen…”

“I thought we spoke about what I would listen to and not listen to.” She mocked his stern face with a quick jab of her tongue into the air.

“We did.” He opened the lid of the tea pot and reeled from the strength of the brew. “I talked. You ignored me.”

“As I am ignoring you now,” She countered sweetly as she offered him a cup. He poured it half full with tea, diluting the rest with hot water. “How is he?”

“Jung’s almost done with him. He said Yong Ha can only go back if someone stitches his mouth shut.” Sun Joon sipped at his tea and made a face. “This is very… pungent.”

“Much like its maker,” Yong Ha saluted the female scholar with his cup. Sobering he asked Sun Joon, “Did you see him? Is his colour better?”

“Yes, his face is pinker,” The man said. “Of course that could be from Professor Jung yelling at him. Geol Oh does not like being disciplined.”

“No,” Yong Ha smirked. “He doesn’t.” Putting down the cup, he rose and thanked Yoon Hee for the tea. “I’ll go back to the room now. Professor Jung probably would like some time to yell at me as well before he heads back to bed.”


The scolding wasn’t as heated as Yong Ha expected, nor was the fury he anticipated when he opened the door to Jae Shin’s room. If anything, his friend appeared sheepish and subdued, ducking his head when Yong Ha entered. Ordering Jae Shin to remain in bed and under warm blankets, Jung gave them strict instructions on brewing a medicinal tea for Jae Shin’s stomach with a firm warning to stick to juk in the morning. Moments later, Jung was fading into the swirling snow, intent on reaching his lodgings before the night grew chillier. Closing the door behind the doctor, Yong Ha turned and met his friend’s doe-soft eyes.

“You look better,” He said, setting his shoes down on a mat near the door. “Less…grey.”

“I threw up,” Jae Shin’s gaze dropped for a moment then he looked up at Yong Ha through his long lashes. “A lot.”

That is probably why you feel better,” Yong Ha encouraged.

“All over Jung.”

“Oh.” He winced. Gathering up his long robes, he sat down next to his friend, edging onto the mattress pad. Their hands touched and without thinking, their fingers intertwined in a loose embrace. “But you’re better?”

“Yes, I feel… better,” Jae Shin replied, rubbing at the back of his head with his free hand. “He.. um… saw what you…did to my neck.”

“Aish,” Yong Ha exhaled hard. “Do we have to have him killed? I know he’s your favourite teacher but…”

“He’s concerned for us…for me,” Jae Shin replied. “You — well, he doesn’t think there’s much hope for you but I apparently am redeemable.”

“What did he tell you?”

For the first time in the past few hours, Yong Ha was afraid. Foremost was his fear Jae Shin would come to his senses and revoke his admission of love. Now, closing in on the pinnacle of his worries, was Professor Jung’s disapproval. If Jae Shin chose to follow one man’s advice, it would be Jung’s and Yong Ha did not have confidence that the older man would encourage a relationship between his two male students.

“He told me… to be careful,” Jae Shin whispered. “And to not let you bully me into doing things that felt uncomfortable.”

“Me? Bully?” Yong Ha exclaimed loudly, relief at Jung’s tacit acceptance filling him. “Does he think so little of me that he believes I would force you to do something you didn’t like?”

“No.” Jae Shin reached up, hesitantly stroking at the down on Yong Ha’s cheek. “He thinks I’d do anything you’d want to make you happy. And… he’s right.”

“Then,” Yong Ha leaned in until his mouth nearly brushed Jae Shin’s, his breath ghosting hot over the scruff on the man’s chin. “I guess I will have to be the sensible one.”

“You always have been,” Jae Min murmured, running the pad of his thumb over the man’s cheekbone. A yawn curled his nostrils up and he fought its release, refusing to give in to the fatigue plaguing him.

“Oh no, Geol Oh, it’s time for you to sleep,” Yong Ha ordered, pushing his friend back onto the cushions. “We can talk about this…about us in the morning.”

“The morning seems so far away,” He murmured, unable to stop touching Yong Ha’s skin. Running his fingers over the soft skin of his friend’s inner wrist, he asked. “Will you stay?”

“Yes, let me get some more blankets out. I can make a pallet to sleep on…”

“No.” Jae Shin stopped Yong Ha before he could say anything else. “I mean, will you stay? Here. With me?”

Yong Ha spent most of his life hiding behind the brittle, porcelain mask he’d forged earlier in life but he felt it crack under the brilliant warmth of Jae Shin’s shy smile.

Then split open to fall into powder when Jae Shin’s mouth touched his, a delicate run of soft lips over his mouth followed by the gentle dab of the man’s tongue against this upper lip. The quiet shush of linens being moved aside excited him but Yong Ha calmed his heart, warning his libido off with a scolding not unlike the one Jung gave him earlier.

“Anything to keep you warm,” Yong Ha sighed as if it would be a great imposition but the smile on his face told Jae Shin otherwise. “And well…anything to keep you in bed.”


The morning was barely promised in the sky when the dormitory rocked with the sounds of the Kim cousins’ arguing. Bon Hwa’s deeper voice rose and fell, half apologetic but mostly resigned as his older cousin berated everything from his face to the air he breathed. The walls separating their room from the adjoining rooms were packed with other students, each pressing their ear to the plaster in hopes of hearing more of the fight.

Inside the room, Dae Min stood over his shorter cousin, so filled with rage he couldn’t speak. He grabbed at a water urn and flung it against the wall, its loud crash somehow less satisfying than what he’d hoped it would be. Another followed then an ink well, the black splatter start against the room’s white paint.

“Jae Shin?” He screamed, not caring who heard him. His voice carried, echoing off the walls and Bon Hwa cast a nervous glance towards the door. “I told you; Yong Ha! The deviant is supposed to be Yong Ha! What were you thinking? Weren’t you listening to anything I was saying?”

“Hyung?” A young voice called from outside of their room. “Scholar Kim Dae Min?”

“What?” Dae Min stomped over to the door and flung it open, his eyes wild with anger.

Despite the fearful visage before him, the page stood his ground, his face pale with semi-fright as the older man bent over him. “You’ve been called, hyung.”

“Called? By whom?” Dae Min’s fist clenched and he long to beat someone senseless. His cousin had seemed a likely target but if he could somehow fix Bon Hwa’s mistake, he might have need of the hapless young man. It wouldn’t bode well for his plans if his only ally refused to help him. The page’s arrival was serendipitous. The cheonmin boy would be a handy substitute for his cousin…and an easy target to mete out his rage.

“The student president.” The boy eyed Dae Min and took a step back, placing himself out of reach. “You’re wanted in the council room.”

“President? There’s no president!” Dae Min spat in the page’s face, raising his hand up to strike at the boy’s face. "We've just voted..."

“There is, hyung.” He made no move to wipe the spittle from his cheek. He’d been a page long enough to know if he returned to the professors bearing a scholar’s mark, there’d be recriminations and he’d be given the rest of the day off. Considering the earliness of the hour and Dae Min’’s angry colour and dominating stance, he had high hopes of being able to return to bed. “The votes were tallied this morning and the new president has been sworn in. They’re waiting for you, hyung. You are wanted. Now.”


He was woken up by a kiss. Soft and warm, the man’s lips — and Yong Ha knew it was a man — were taking their time exploring the peaked nub on his chest. Moaning, he tried moving, only to find himself pinned down by strong hands on his hips. Smiling, he tangled his fingers into Jae Shin’s loosened hair, keeping his eyes closed as he floated on the pleasant sensations roiling over his body.

“You’ll need to hurry.” Husky voiced and lazy, he purred when the man’s tongue darted out and toyed with his nipple. “I’m serious, Sun Joon. “My Geol Oh will probably be back soon and he can’t find out that…”

He didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence, his words lost in the squeak he gave when Jae Shin’s sharp teeth nearly pierced through his nipple. Hissing with the pain, he jerked up right and rubbed at the offended nub.

“That hurt!” Yong Ha scrubbed at the spot. “I was joking.”

“If you knew how hard it was for me to do that, you wouldn’t have joked,” Jae Shin shot back.

“If you knew how hard you were making me, you wouldn’t have stopped.”

Yong Ha reached for the young man who’d captured his heart, sliding his hand under his chin in an oh-so-familiar way. Jae Shin smiled, despite the ember of irritation in his gullet. He leaned into the cup of Yong Ha’s palm, rubbing his cheek on the soft caress.

“I know, Geol Oh. I know how hard it is for you,” Yong Ha murmured. He glanced quickly at the door, satisfied its latch was on. “Let me show you… how easy it is for me.”

“I keep telling you, Yeon Kkoc… I don’t know what I’m doing.” The shimmer in Jae Shin’s voice was brittle, fragile mark of his fear. “How can you want… that? How can you want the nothing that is me when…”

The unknown was something easily faced if he knew the consequences. Loving Yong Ha… was beyond unknown and the act of being with the young man… of lying with him for anything other than sleeping or dreaming up schemes… terrified Jae Shin. He didn’t want to imagine what he would do if he hurt Yong Ha in some way and worse, he’d want to die if he’d ever caused the man enough pain to make him turn away. And Jae Shin knew he’d rather slit his own throat than have Yong Ha turn his back on him.

Loving the experienced Yong Ha… bringing nothing to the pleasures the man already knew… seemed a futile and useless exercise that he was doomed to fail.

“And I’m telling you, my Geol Oh,” Yong Ha whispered against Jae Shin’s lips. “I don’t care. I like knowing that I’m going to be the one to teach you.”

“But…” Jae Shin stubbornly turned his head slightly, nearly breaking contact with Yong Ha’s hand.

“No more. Please, Geol Oh,” Yong Ha pleaded. “Let me show you. Let me take care of you. Let me start to get you to trust me.”

“I do trust you,” He whispered and Yong Ha fell into the depths of Jae Shin’s bottomless dark gaze.

“Then let me…” The slender man lay his hands on Jae Shin’s shoulders and guided him back down into the bed. Keeping his eyes on Jae Shin’s face, he skimmed his fingertips over the man’s body, peeling back the robe hanging loose around Jae Shin’s torso. “Let me see you.”

His shyness made Jae Shin turn away but he allowed Yong Ha to strip away the rest of his clothing. With his arm thrown over his eyes, he blocked out the knowledge of Yong Ha’s perusal but he still could feel the burn of the man’s roving gaze over his naked body.

“You are… beautiful, my Jae Shin,” Yong Ha said, awed by the perfection laying before him. “My Jae Shin. My love. My heart.”

The plum of Jae Shin’s mouth always drew Yong Ha in. He couldn’t watch the man eat without wanting to bite into his lips and even with the shadow of Jae Shin’s arm across his face, the beauty of the man’s lips were exposed to him.

As was everything else.

He explored the man’s chest, taking in the familiar skin stretched over toned muscles. Thin pale scars blended into the rise of Jae Shin’s ribs and pectorals, evidence of a life lived roughly and devoted to righting society’s wrongs. Each slash into Jae Shin’s body cut Yong Ha deeply. The man might shrug them off as mere marks of following his heart but Yong Ha knew better. Jae Shin’s passion for justice was rivaled only by Yong Ha’s love for Jae Shin’s safety. The scars were slender reminders of each time Jae Shin returned to Yong Ha’s side, bleeding and near death at times but always… the man found his way back.

The scars were Jae Shin’s promises. His tokens of love even if Yong Ha didn’t realize it at the time. They were evidence of Jae Shin’s refusal to give up and leave Yong Ha alone to weep in the bleed of his lost love.

His stomach clenched under Yong Ha’s fingertips, the thin trail of hair curving down under his belly leading to treasures Yong Ha didn’t want to look at…not quite yet. The fragrance of Jae Shin’s skin fascinated him. Always a deep burnished golden with a hint of lemon, Jae Shin smelled… good. Yong Ha searched for another word but good seemed to capture the essence of it. Others came to mind; delicious…luscious…delectable but good was a nice one. Heady also came to mind, especially when Yong Ha bent his head down and inhaled the sweet musk lingering on Jae Shin’s most private flesh.

Succulent, Yong Ha decided. Pleasurably succulent.

His body was lean and muscular, an exquisite study of beauty Yong Ha had never found an equal for. Years of archery and sword work kept the man honed, his body tight and luxurious to the eye. Jae Shin’s thighs were long, straight and strong with a whisper of hair at the base of his thick sex.

Yong Ha expected Jae Shin to flinch when he finally touched the hard length of his arousal and the man did, a startled shiver that ran up and down his body but the scholar remained prone, as if by moving, he would be breaking the trust he’d given Yong Ha. Silently thanking the young man’s stoic calm, Yong Ha explored further, stroking at the crux of Jae Shin’s hips. Fitting his thumb pads in the crease of Jae Shin’s thighs, he stroked at the paler skin he found there, entranced by the hooded shaft slowly emerging from its cowl.

“You make me… hungry, Geol Oh,” Yong Ha whispered, deeply taking in the forbidden scent of another man’s skin… of a man he loved and who he’d dreamed of touching for nearly as long as he’d known of him. “You make me hunger for pleasures that I know only you can give me.”

Sliding down Jae Shin’s body, Yong Ha reached up and splayed his palms out onto Jae Shin’s belly. Then slipped the man’s hard sex deep into his warm, wet mouth.
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