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Chasing the Winter Moon: Fourteen [Lemon]

Chasing The Winter Moon ♥
Lesson Fourteen
Pairing: Moon Jae Shin / Goo Yong Ha (GeolRim fic) Post Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Author: wedspawn
Overall Rating: Probably NC-17
Requested by: hoshiko_malfoy

Summary: Following an epic scandal at their university, two master scholars search for their own meaning of love.

Lesson One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen

If talking about sex with Yeorim stymied Jae Shin’s tongue, then having the man’s mouth around him drove him to the brink of insanity.

He’d touched himself before, often in the middle of the night when he knew everyone was asleep, hiding in the darkness in case he made noise. Most of the time he’d imagine Yong Ha touching him, the man’s nails lightly scraping at the underside of his cock or even spreading the milky seed at the slit of his head with the heel of his hand or thumb.

Jae Shin never imagined Yong Ha kissing him there. Never imagined the heat of the man’s mouth on the silken skin of his shaft or even the cupping of his sac into Yong Ha’s palm.

If he had, Jae Shin was sure he would never would have left his room.


Unsure if he should touch Yong Ha, Jae Shin dug his fingers into the blankets, twisting them about his wrists. The heat of his… lover’s… mouth enclosed him and the man’s tongue found each dip and vein on his sex, lapping at the surface as if the taste of Jae Shin was all he needed to survive.

“Touch me, agi,” Yong Ha whispered, pulling Jae Shin nearly all the way out of his mouth. Wrapping his tongue around the spongy tip, he pushed the tip into Jae Shin’s slit, spreading the tender spot apart. A drop of seed sprang from the pout and he lapped at it, savouring the bitter-sweetness of Jae Shin’s spill.

Jae Shin reached for Yong Ha, discouraged when he encountered cloth instead of sleek skin. Tugging at the man’s jacket, Jae Shin growled, frustrated and needy. Yong Ha’s mouth remained around him, suckling hard as the man worked to shed his clothes. Fingers touched places too intimate for Jae Shin to think about and when Yong Ha’s finger brushed over the clench of his body, he gasped, startled at the shock traveling through his nerves.

Then Yong Ha was naked and kneeling between his legs and Jae Shin forgot everything else.

“Can I…” He whispered. “Can I… look at you?”

“Of course, my Geol Oh,” Yong Ha murmured. “Anything you want to do, agi

Jae Shin lay still as Yong Ha slid up along him. The young man briefly kissed the rebel scholar then lay back into the bed linens, stretching himself out for Jae Shin to explore. The ache in Jae Shin’s sex throbbed need up his spine and down into the sac between his legs but the desire in his heart was stronger. He needed to see the man he loved

Over the years, he’d snuck in peeks of Yong Ha’s willowy body. Entranced by the purity of Yong Ha’s skin, he’d often pushed the man away with the flat of his palm across Yong Ha’s cheek, carrying the softness of Yong Ha’s touch in his hand as he walked away.

So Jae Shin didn’t understand why his hands were trembling now.

“It’s like the moon poured itself out,” Jae Shin murmured, his fingers skimming over Yong Ha’s slender chest. The texture of the man’s skin was so different from his own, a porcelain sheen compared to the rough coarse bronze of his body. Suddenly Jae Shin was ashamed to touch something… someone … as beautiful as Yong Ha and he drew his hand back, clenching his fingers into a fist.

“Don’t.” Yong Ha reached out and grabbed the man’s wrist. “Don’t stop touching me. I’ll go crazy if you stop now, Jae Shin. I’d rather you plunge a knife into my heart than draw away right now.”

“Are you sure?” He rasped. “Because if I start touching you, I’m not sure I can stop.”

“Oh my world would be complete if I were to spent the rest of my life with you against me,” Yong Ha said, cupping the man’s face. “Please. If you need me to, I will beg. I’m not to proud to admit I need you. Please, Jae Shin, please.”

The brightly hued linens seemed an appropriate display for the flirtatious man, his pale burnished body elegant and supple against the satins. Yong Ha’s amiable face lay in repose, his eyes hooded as he watched Jae Shin inch closer. When Jae Shin’s fingers touched his shoulder, he exhaled lightly, relieved at the rough feel of Jae Shin’s hand.

He loved the feel of Jae Shin’s palms; the rasp of calluses from sword work stimulating his skin and working a heavy desire into the heft of his sex. When Jae Shin’s mouth tentatively kissed the ridge of his collar bone, Yong Ha gasped and pressed his hips up, the need for Jae Shin driving him wild. He longed to tell the man what to do; how to plunder into the depths of his body but he knew he would have to be patient. Jae Shin’s shyness coupled with his inexperience was not insurmountable but the sensitive scholar would emotionally flagellate himself if he hurt Yong Ha.

Another reason Yong Ha loved his Jae Shin. For all his rough ways, the scholar cared about him. No one else made Yong Ha feel as treasured as Jae Shin did.

No one else frustrated Yong Ha like Jae Shin could and as the young man lay under Jae Shin’s scrutiny, he realized just how frustrated he could get with the man’s hot eyes drinking him in.

“I…” Jae Shin clamped his mouth shut. Yong Ha was probably tired of hearing him say he didn’t know what he was doing. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he was clumsy. Yong Ha more than likely expected it but Jae Shin wanted more than that for the man he needed besides him. “I like looking at you.”

“I like being looked at by you,” Yong Ha whispered. “I’d like being touched by you more.”

“I… don’t know where to start.” Jae Shin’s awestruck hush brought a smile to Yong Ha’s wide mouth.

“How about here?” He took Jae Shin’s hand and placed it over his heart. “You’re already here. It should be very familiar to you by now.”

The brush of Yong Ha’s nipple on his palm gave Jae Shin the shivers and he moaned when the man’s body responded, curling the peak into a tight nub. His mouth watered, longing for a bit of Yong Ha on his tongue and Jae Shin swallowed, unsure if he could survive the taste of the man now that…

“Everything is so… possible,” Jae Shin whispered, placing a kiss on Yong Ha’s nipple before sucking it into his hot mouth.

Instinct drove him and he suckled at the tip, his hands roaming over Yong Ha’s ribs and stomach. Splaying his fingers over Yong Ha’s hips, he stretched his palms out as much as he could over the man’s soft skin, rubbing the pristine white flesh pink in spots where his work-roughened hands caught.

He let his mouth explore, finding each delectable inch of Yong Ha’s body had its own unique flavour. The sweetness of the man’s chest was a contrast to the salty-musk of his underarm and Jae Shin grinned wickedly when the man writhed under him, trying to squirm away as Jae Shin’s touch found ticklish spots.

Reaching Yong Ha’s hips, he stopped and sat back on his haunches, staring at the man’s incredibly long legs and the hardened shaft laying heavy against Yong Ha’s abdomen. A thin silvery trail ran along Yong Ha’s stomach muscles, his sex already weeping seed. Without a second thought, Jae Shin ran his thumb through the glistening moisture and brought it up to his mouth, taking his first taste of another man’s desire.

“You taste like… a bit of rice with pickled plum in it,” Jae Shin murmured around his thumb, meeting Yong Ha’s eyes with a lustful gaze. “So good. So….right.”

He turned his attention to the long slender shaft, marveling at the cowl peeling back from the man’s heart-shaped glans. The skin stretched, accommodating Yong Ha’s arousal and Jae Shin pared it back from the head, fully revealing the seed-moistened head.

“May I?” Jae Shin looked up at Yong Ha’s beautiful face. His features were mostly hidden in shadow but Yong Ha could see the curious lust in his newly-found lover’s eyes, a roiling darkness turning the red-gold flecks in Jae Shin’s gaze nearly black with desire. “I want to… I need more…”

“Please,” Yong Ha heard himself whimper and then bit his own lip nearly to blood to stop from screaming when Jae Shin’s mouth closed over him.

The heat was incredible and the soft grip of Jae Shin’s tongue pressing Yong Ha’s sex to the roof of his mouth nearly made Yong Ha spill. Sharp tingles ran up his shaft and clenched his sac when Jae Shin’s teeth scraped along his head. The man pulled back slightly at Yong Ha’s hiss then returned to suckle at the man when Yong Ha grabbed him by the back of his neck to guide his sex back into Jae Shin’s open mouth.

“Please, agi,” Yong Ha mewled. “Don’t… stop. Please.”

“I won’t,” Jae Shin murmured, wrapping his lips over Yong Ha’s glans and hooking the edge of his teeth along the mushroom shaped head, barely tugging at the sensitive skin. The tip of his tongue worked into the tight cowl at the base of Yong Ha’s head, stretching it snug up against the man’s shaft. The sensations were overpowering and Yong Ha thrust his hips up, sliding deeper into Jae Shin’s mouth. He was coming to a climax too quickly and Yong Ha pulled back, trying to think non-stimulating thoughts to counteract the sight of his sex sliding in and out of Jae Shin’s parted lips.

“Geol Oh!” Yong Ha puffed his cheeks out, trying to calm his breathing. “Are you sure …you’ve never… done this before?”

“I only have the taste of you in my mouth,” Jae Shin said quietly, licking around the man’s shaft. “I don’t think I’ve done this before.”

“Then don’t ever stop…doing it on me,” Yong Ha gasped. “Only me. Okay? Just me.”

“Just you.” Another swipe of his tongue and then Jae Shin dipped Yong Ha in deeper, rubbing the man’s head against the back of his throat. He choked slightly, drawing back when he discovered he’d gone too far for his liking.

“I need to touch you, agi,” Yong Ha murmured. “Turn around.”

“Eh?” The curious innocence in Jae Shin’s expression made Yong Ha laugh.

“Turn around,” Yong Ha repeated. “You and I are similar height. We can do this to one another. Well, for a little while anyway.”

Reluctantly, he drew himself out of Jae Shin’s mouth and guided the man into place, nestling back down on his side and murmured when he gripped at Jae Shin’s aroused sex. Canting his leg, he lay hip to Jae Shin’s face, and savoured the sight of Jae Shin’s desire clearly displayed before him.

Thicker than his own sex, Yong Ha fit his hand around Jae Shin’s shaft, feeling the weight of it in his palm. Putting his mouth on the head, he grinned around Jae Shin when the man’s hips twitched. Licking at the head brought the same reaction and Yong Ha increased his friction on his lover’s shaft.

Yong Ha began to slowly show his lover what to do, reveling in the feelings of Jae Shin’s mouth surrounding him. When he pulled back and twisted his mouth around Jae Shin’s head, he received the same treatment, nearly exploding into the depths of Jae Shin’s heat. The tickle of his lover’s scruff on his thighs excited him and the gentle brush of his lips on Yong Ha’s damp cock ground his desire up from his belly and Yong Ha felt his sac tighten up.

“Yong Ha,” Jae Shin’s mouth slackened, holding Yong Ha on the pout of his lips. “I can’t…”

“Get your fingers wet, agi,” Yong Ha instructed. “Just the one you point with for now but put it in your mouth and get it wet.”

Jae Shin complied, laving at his finger before nuzzling back into the soft powdery musk of his lover’s groin. Nipping lightly at the darker line of Yong Ha’s crux, he quirked his mouth at the control he had over Yong Ha’s response body. “Can I go back to… licking you?”

“Oh you’re going to do more than lick at me,” Yong Ha promised. “But I’m not sure I want your mouth on me when I bring you over. You have very sharp teeth and I don’t know if you can handle that yet. I think I just want to… feel you under me when you fill me.”

“Kissing though…?” Jae Shin murmured, trailing a line of kisses over Yong Ha’s sex.

“That is perfectly…fine,” Yong Ha sighed. “Use your finger… on me. Below. Try to get at least the tip in.”


“Trust me, Geol Oh. It’s how we can start… doing pleasurable things.”

“I don’t…want to hurt you,” Jae Shin frowned. “I could…”

“I’ll be fine,” Yong Ha reassured him. “Just a little until I’m comfortable. Watch me. Feel me against you. If I’m too tense, give me time to relax. Get to know me, my Geol Oh.”

Jae Shin reluctantly pressed at the crevice, emboldened by Yong Ha’s sensual moan of approval. The other man lay still next to him, his long fingers stroking at Jae Shin’s length as he opened up Yong Ha’s body. The clench of Yong Ha’s entrance startled him and he almost jerked free, stopping short when Yong Ha gasped.

“Did I hurt you?” He murmured, worried as he kissed down the inside of Yong Ha’s thigh.

“No…Please, go on,” Yong Ha urged.

Forcing himself to relax, he concentrated on licking around his lover’s head, sliding his hand down Jae Shin’s shaft to hold him primed. He’d just covered Jae Shin’s glans with his lips when the man’s tip slid into him. Gasping around the head, he confined himself to creasing the velvety skin until Jae Shin felt comfortable moving more of himself into Yong Ha’s body.

“You’re so…warm,” Jae Shin hummed, unable to resist licking up the pearl spill on Yong Ha’s head. “Is this…”

“That’s where I want you,” Yong Ha admitted. “Not now but soon, once we… prepare, it will be like nothing you’ve ever felt before in your life.”

“Is this… do you want this from me?” Jae Shin’s nervousness thrummed through his words and Yong Ha kissed first one thigh then the other before returning his attentions back to Jae Shin’s sex.

“Yes,” Yong Ha whispered, moaning loudly when Jae Shin twisted his finger in deeper. Buried up until the second joint, Jae Shin’s supple touch brushed nearly at the spot itching inside of Yong Ha and he cried out, softly feeling the clench of his body around Jae Shin’s finger. “Gods of my father, yes.”

He sucked Jae Shin in deep, drawing the man’s balls up tight. Cupping Jae Shin in his hand, he rolled the man’s sac as he tugged at his sex, drawing Jae Shin further into his mouth. Encouraged, the scholar delved in deeper and felt something rough under his finger tip, playing at it curiously as Yong Ha flattened his tongue across Jae Shin’s sex.

The effect was astonishing as was the vortex of sensations Yong Ha set off inside of him when he swallowed Jae Shin up, fitting the man’s shaft down his throat.

Yong Ha rode the lightning storming through him, his cock spilling and jumping merely at the touch of Jae Shin’s finger against his core of nerves. The man was relentless, his mouth moving over Yong Ha’s sex while he toyed at the edges of Yong Ha’s centre, alternating the stroke of his mouth with his finger. Unable to stand much more, Yong Ha came, taking Jae Shin over the edge with him as he convulsed around Jae Shin’s sex, his throat closing in on his lover’s shaft.

Jae Shin caught a twist of Yong Ha’s seed in his mouth, wanting more as soon as the taste hit him but his body refused to respond… refused to move other than the wild writhing of his hips as he thrust harder into Yong Ha’s welcoming mouth. His skin tightened over his locked muscles, his limbs frozen with the shock of his orgasm. The heat building up inside of his sac boiled out, waves of pearled salt meant solely for his lover’s tongue. Yong Ha remained fixed on his sex and he flexed his hand, driving his finger deeper into the man’s hot passage. The flick of his fingertip against the sweet spot of Yong Ha’s body ground out another gasping cry from the man and Jae Shin tried to return the pleasure Yong Ha was giving him, licking what he could of the man’s spill from his quivering cock.

Yong Ha convulsed around him, the curve of his ass fitting into the cup of Jae Shin’s palm and the larger man pushed in again, working Yong Ha’s body into a pleasurable tide of sensations. Another orgasm wave hit him when Yong Ha suckled harder and Jae Shin fell into it, trusting Yong Ha to take care of him as the world around him spun into darkness and stars.


Dae Min stepped up into the main hall, trying to look as imperious as possible. Wishing he’d bribed one of the pages to whisper unkind things just within ear shot of one of the other scholars, Dae Min cursed himself for not thinking far enough ahead. Having bluffed and bullied his way out of most punishments, he prepared himself to answer for Bon Hwa’s unsubtle rumour mongering.

He’s my cousin from the country, Dae Min prepared his initial excuse. He does not understand friendships that men have. I am sorry I did not take the time from my studies to help him understand how men can… like… one another but I don’t see how that has anything to do with me….

The small form sitting formally at the end of the room’s woven mats gave Dae Min pause as did the tall looming sentinel standing behind slightly to the right of her. Lee Sun Joon’s shoulders were turned a bit, casting him into slight profile as if he were more interested in the falling snow framed by the open window than expecting anyone to come through the door. Yoon Hee barely glanced up at what she was reading, turning a page as he approached.

“Where is the student president?” Dae Min cocked an eyebrow at Lee Sun Joon. “You? Not that it would be a surprise. The powerful of the state always is mimicked in this council.”

“It is not me,” Lee Sun Joon stated quietly, his eyes cold and cutting as they swept over Dae Min. “I am just one of the elected council members. Your president awaits you there.”

“Sit down, Kim Dae Min,” Yoon Hee said, her attention lifting from the book to the face of the man in front of her.

While handsome, the bloat in his cheeks and the dead-fish stare he gave her told Yoon Hee that he was not worthy of Jae Shin. There was no warmth or sacrifice in the other scholar. Not as lean as Yong Ha, there was an inherent softness about the man, a weakness of spirit hidden behind the fine clothes and arrogant manner. Definitely not a suitable match for her Geol Oh. Not one she could trust to be gentle with the wild, feral genius. Not someone who could coax him out of the shadows with the promise of pleasure and unconditional love.

And she just didn’t like him.

“Kim Dae Min,” She repeated, inviting him to sit on the cushion opposite of her.

He took the seat with a swirl of his robes, settling down gracefully into a formal stance. A low table separated them and Yoon Hee was thankful for the distance, especially considering the man’s cold haughtiness melted away for a second and she could see the embers of rage burning behind his aristocratic mask.

“I am curious as to one such as yourself thinks she can operate as student president.” Dae Min thinned his lips barely wide enough to qualify as a smile. “I understand Sungkyunkwan is… progressive in allowing you… a woman… to study among men but this? It is an… outrage seems too strong of a word. Perhaps.. shocking.”

“The office of student president is one elected by the scholars attending Sungkyunkwan. It is my pleasure to serve the school,” She demurred, secretly wondering if she could stab him with the sharpened end of an ink brush and claim self-defense against his stupidity. Lee Sun Joon cleared his throat and she sighed, hearing the censure in the man’s murmur.

“And I was invited here because…,” Dae Min trailed off. “I’m much too recent of an arrival to have secured the second seat on the council, although it appears that the senior representative is missing, yes?”

“He is…” Sun Joon suddenly discovered a uniquely formed snowflake, focusing on its descent from the skies of particular interest. “He is otherwise occupied at the moment but I am sure he would have wanted to be here if it were a formal meeting.”

“True,” Yoon Hee agreed. “Goo Yong Ha certainly would want to be here.”

“Ah,” Dae Min sighed, letting his mouth fall open in mock understanding. “You are here to admonish me for what? Being the Geol Oh’s friend? Shouldering the great Yeorim aside in Moon Jae Shin’s affections? He can’t stand a little competition for the man’s friendship so he sends his friends to bully me? The university head will hear of this.”

“This… thing that is between us,” Yoon Hee said, cocking her head to study the man. “Senior Goo Yong Ha does not know that I’ve called you here.”

“I doubt he even knows he’s on the council again,” Sun Joon muttered. “You know how much he loves political maneuvering.”

“So you’ve decided to call me before you as a misguided attempt to bully me for Goo Yong Ha?” Dae Min’s laughter was sharp and brief. “And here I thought the Jalgeum Four were supposed to be the enlightened friendship of our new Joseon dynastic cooperation. Instead, once again…the noron…the old reasoning of the seoin look to shove aside anyone who does not agree with them. And now, they have learned to use a puppet from the…”

“Shut your mouth before I shut it for you,” Lee Sun Joon snapped, a rough displeased rumbling low in his chest. “I will not stand for someone to speak of Kim Yoon Hee in that manner.”

“Because you are the junior representative?” Dae Min cocked his head and looked between the two scholars. “Or because you are fucking her?”
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