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wedspawn: scribblings & fics

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wedspawn ♥
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This is a fanfic journal only. The fic here in no way represents actual people or events and should not be taken as reality in any form. The situations and characterizations here are merely fiction. Please remember that this is fiction and really, presented here merely for sharing.

If you wish to take anything out, translate it or pass around links or PDFs, by all means, do so. Credit please but really beyond that, I don't mind.

If you are a writer or just want to write, I encourage you to do so. Especially if you think you're not good enough or you are just starting out. Not everyone will like what you write and some people will be mean. Others will be encouraging but it is hard to hear the positive when you hear negative. PLEASE. Write. It is the effort that is important, not the result. Play around with your words and style. Don't be afraid. Even if you might not hear me, I shall be cheering you on!

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